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227 Fayetteville, April 2017

It was announced last week at the Downtown Raleigh Alliance’s State of Downtown Raleigh 2017 event that the YMCA will be opening a space on Fayetteville Street later this year. The new location at 227 Fayetteville will take up about 26,000 square feet in the upper floors of the building.

That’s a great amenity for downtown workers and residents, supporting the 7-day, 18-hour type downtown that we’re slowly becoming.

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  1. Seems a little ridiculous to have another YMCA about a mile or two away from the one on Hillsborough St.

  2. @ Chad
    As a current member of the Y on Hillsboro st I can attest to how absolutely extremely busy and packed this facility has become. From my understanding the Hillsboro Y also continues to add members on a regular basis, so I was not surprised when I heard about the newest location on Fayetteville st. Quite the opposite, I for one hope that it offers a relief for the Hillsboro Y. Also I don’t think an organization like the Y has a lot of money just to throw at a new facility just for the sake of it…imho!

  3. Huh? Complaining about two health and fitness clubs becoming located within 2 miles of each other? But no mention of the dozen alcohol only establishments that crowd Fayetteville St?

    This is a fantastic addition for downtown and the many residents who continue to move downtown in hopes of everyday amenities. Gym, grocery store, pharmacy, day care, hardware store, its all needed to limit vehicle traffic and promote foot traffic.

  4. Amenities that support us aren’t necessarily tied to geographic distribution, rather use demand driven by population and its density. This is a terrific step toward bringing services to the very core of the city for its residents and its workers. An employee that works in the very core of downtown will be able to walk to this facility after work and commute home (if not downtown) to wherever after rush hour is over. It’s a win/win in my book. By %, I’m curious how this facility compares in size to the Alexander Y. Is it 1/3rd the size? Is it 1/4th?, 1/8th…..?

  5. Agreed this is a great addition to downtown proper. It’s pretty much the perfect building for it too…I can’t really describe it. Gym clad people coming and going from that big retro ‘Mad Men’ looking lobby seems like a solid match. This sort of activity in this location might be just what you need to get more retail nearby as well. We shall see, but it feels like it’s coming together well…

  6. Awesome, can’t beat this, a hard core workout and a few steps away from a nice reward of ice cold Raleigh brew. Win!

  7. All for it. Keep developing these dead parcels to expand downtown and connect these districts.

  8. @ Steve
    Thank you for the link!
    I sure hope the city approves this without requiring a reduced height…

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