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114 Fayetteville Street, November 2015

114 Fayetteville Street, November 2015

I hadn’t really thought much about what was going on at 114 Fayetteville Street until recently. I walked by and noticed that the second and third floors have been removed. In the last ten years this building has been tinkered with so much but produced nothing.

At one point, the facade was white with a different window layout. In 2006, the building was empty.
114 Fayetteville Street, October 2006

114 Fayetteville Street, October 2006

Then sometime in 2007, scaffolding went up, the bricks were painted red (or replaced?) and new windows went in.
114 Fayetteville Street, 2007

114 Fayetteville Street, 2007

Which produced this look. Still, no occupants.

114 Fayetteville Street, March 2008

114 Fayetteville Street, March 2008

That didn’t seem to work and now 114 Fayetteville is a single-story building. What will happen next?

If you jump all the way back to about 1926, 114 Fayetteville Street was different back then too. At the time, an Eckerd’s Drug Store, in addition to other shops, occupied the bottom store.

114 and 112 Fayetteville Street, about 1926

N_53_16_1737 – 114 and 112 Fayetteville Street, about 1926

Photos of 112 and 114 Fayetteville Street comes courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina. For digital copies of the image or any other historic photos, note the call number, and contact Kim Andersen at State Archives at 919.807.7311 or email to kim.andersen@ncdcr.gov

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  1. Over the past year, you could see the backside from Salisbury, and it was clear that the upper floors were collapsing. Given the construction, the only unfortunate answer was that the upper levels needed to be selectively demolished.

    It may be for a new tenant, but either way I’m sure the city forced the hand of the owner given the safety concerns.

  2. I find that whole location to be a head scratcher. A building 2 steps from the capital on Fayetteville St in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and it looks like it has never recovered from the 1929 Great Depression.

    Raise it and sell it to developer who can put something reasonable there.

    This and the location on Salisbury St where the hotel is supposed to go. I wish that would hurry up. I’m tired of that location looking like a junk yard right in the middle of downtown.

    Bob is being negative this morning. Sorry.

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