Slow Goings At The Atrium

The Atrium is still not complete. It is actually in standby mode and there has not been work here in months. I do not know of what will eventually happen here but it is not looking good so far. Could this be another dead project?

Anyway, I wanted to highlight the facade change. Here are two pictures; a before and after sort of speak. I think they went from plain/boring to dull/”red brick again?” I’m sure they were just trying to match the 112 property next door but instead failed miserably to create anything exciting.

Oct. 2006

Mar. 2008

How would you feel if 112/114 Fayetteville St. were torn down for something taller?

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  1. I would be upset if it came down. I think those handful of short buildings make a difference in stepping down Fayetteville Street towards the Capital. Would a taller building cast shadows on the Capital? I love the fact that downtown still has many of the smaller, old office buildings. I don’t want the whole of downtown to be high rise glass and steel.

  2. First, it looked much better before the change (that brick next to brick is ugly, what were they thinking).

    Second, TEAR THEM DOWN! The area/footprint would be a great location for a 30-50 story mixed use building.

  3. I have mixed feelings about tearing these buildings down. First of all, I am truly unhappy that the original Kress Bldg (third one to the right) was “butchered”, leaving us with an eyesore. The 112/114 Fayetteville buildings add a little character to the landscape, but if someone was to demolish these two low-rises, I wouldn’t cry about it, provided the new building would add elegance and character.

    Theoretically, we can avoid the loss of these two buildings by developing the Western half of the property – Salisbury Str side. In other words, incorporate the 112/114 Fayetteville into a larger project. I know that the owner keeps circulating his vision about a 15-story addition, but I doubt we will see it in our lifetime. Ideally, we can keep what we have and build something useful on Salisbury Str.

    Just my 2 cents…

  4. Tear it down. Keep the small historical stuff. Im all for that… but hey if you have to rebuild these small ones just to make the look better, what are you really preserving anyway, just a small brick building that offers nothing…

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