I’m Declaring The Glen On Peace Project Dead

For all of those who have been waiting for the glenonpeace.com domain to free up, now is your chance to buy it. I also think Network Solutions needs to re-do their search algorithms.

Their website is gone and with absolutely no announcements or signs of progress I declare this project dead. Does anyone think this may be coming back? Have some info that I do not? This boring 18 condo project is really not much of a loss and something better could occupy that space.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. That’s so messed up. Who would want to see herpes pictures? Can’t believe you caught that. The question becomes, did you actually click on the link? Ha ha.

  2. That project was both dull and overpriced. I’m glad the site will be available for something better.

    Another project in the area that seems to be a better fit is Hinsdale Row: http://hgbna.home.att.net/

    I think it’ll make a great transition from Glenwood South to the surrounding neighborhoods, although I’ll miss the inspections place (purely from a personal convenience standpoint!)

  3. Ginny, I caught that while setting up something new for the blog that should come out today. Crazy coincidence.

    Jenna, thanks for that link. It had some additional info then what I had on the Hinsdale Project.

  4. Given the size of the lot, I think a better fit for it would be a modest apartment building. We need more in downtown anyways.

  5. It’s interesting what jenna said about the inspections station. I suspect that bit by bit, all of those low-rise warehouses between Boyland and Capital are going to bite the dust.

    A similar transformation is going on the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen area on the west side of Manhattan right now. Initially undesirable parcels are now starting to become very interesting to developers.

    Mark my words, all of those old tire dealers, single-story businesses, etc. are going to be demolished to make way for something that looks more like Chelsea/West Village. Time will tell.

  6. jenna,

    I have been following the Hinsdale Row project as closely as I can and I am very excited about it!!! I would love to buy a row house there and be able to walk to so many places, including my office :)

    As for the Glen on Peace, there was some changes in ownership, possibly land, but I am not 100% sure. Personally, I was fine with the proposed building, but I do not mind seeing something better. Either an apartment building, or a small mixed-use mid-rise, possibly above 5 stories, with underground parking. Some 4-5 story row houses would be nice, but I doubt they will be built, due to the high price a developer has to charge for such a prime location.

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