Project Highlight: Charter Square

Charter Square will consist of two towers located on the southern end of Fayetteville St. across from the new Marriott Hotel. You can thank Craig Davis Properties for these beauties as they will have, from their website [Update: Broken link]:

…two towers, constructed of natural stone and glass. Building One will consist of approximately 405,000 square feet of office, retail and residential space on 21 floors. Building Two will consist of 30,000 square feet of retail space with 120 residential units above the retail. The buildings will sit atop a 690 space underground, city operated parking deck and approximately 600 spaces will be reserved for the building’s office tenants. The towers will be adjacent to Raleigh’s new convention center, as well as numerous restaurants, retail and cultural venues.

The underground parking deck is currently under construction so until then we can enjoy these renderings of Raleigh’s front row.

North tower

South tower

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  1. Glad to see some developement still going on inspite of the disappointments with Reynolds and Lafayette. This time next yeat Raleigh will have Charter Square and City Center Plaza. What’s next….EDISON PLEASE!!!

  2. Glad for the progress! Was kinda hoping one of them would house some additional hotel rooms for the Convention center though.

  3. Not impressed at all with the street retail look – looks like we have a cooky-cutter-design for all of downtown Raleigh – nothing creative – bunch of doors into a space (we just keep wasting real estate in downtown Raleigh with these second rate architects and developers). Of course, this this group continues to have NO vision.

    Agree with RaleighRob, they need a tremendous amount of hotel space. The city should be pushing this topic with this group. Add another 15 floors to that wasteful 10 story building for hotel space. As always, not proactive, but reactive.

  4. Charter Square is a good project, overall. It could have been larger and better, but even as proposed it will be a far cry from the Marriott Hotel eyesore right across the street. The good news is, the 14-story midrise is not finalized, in the same sense the 20-story component is. That is, there is more pressure to deliver the 20-story tower first. What amazes me is that 4 developers have come together for this project, and they are still struggling with pushing these buildings to at least another 10 stories each.

    With hotel space in demand, and given the latest positive numbers for the hotel occupancy in the Triangle, I would assume that adding a hotel component to the mix should be a no-brainer. The 14-story residential building could easily reach 25-30 stories, assuming the foundation is strong enough to handle the additional weight. I surely hope the developers receive enough interest to do this.

  5. Any further insight into the foundation work for the residential tower, Ernest? I’d like to see this grow.

    Update: There are now two cranes out on Site 1.

  6. I would say that the actual work on the tower part will begin next Spring, pending the completion of the parking deck. A project like this should take at least one year to complete, so I guess it will be Summer of 2010 when we’ll see the North Tower finished. The South Tower is a topic for another discussion. I do hope there is enough demand to make it taller/bigger :)

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