Pic of the Week

The FNB Tower continues to rise along Fayetteville Street. The Wilmington Street side has a nice dramatic view from the southeast as seen above.

The mixed-use tower will bring over 200 apartments to an area that’s more dominated by 9-to-5ers than anything else so it’s nice to see that mix.

FNB Tower is also the last new development to take place on Fayetteville Street without demolition. I’m hoping this brings eyes to the southern end of Fayetteville where two lonely surface parking lots, zoned for a maximum of 40-story buildings, sit completely under-valued.

Let’s get Fayetteville Street extended one more block!

Pic of the Week

FNB Tower construction. August 2018.

The last time we checked in on FNB Tower, the crane had just showed up and things were getting started. Now, almost three months later it looks like the tower is making some real upward momentum with a floor being produced almost once per two weeks.

Next, we’ll have to take a look at how City Plaza looks and feels with all the properties around it being filled in. It’s exciting to see what will be Raleigh’s fourth tallest tower take shape.

For more frequent updates, the community is all over FNB Tower sharing photos from all different angles. Join us!

First National Bank Announces Plans to Anchor 22-Story FNB Tower at 501 Fayetteville Street

Rendering of FNB Tower

Announced on Tuesday May 23, First National Bank will be the anchor tenant of FNB Tower, the former Charter Square north project that we have been tracking here on the blog. Jump straight to the press release for full details.

The key points to pull out from the release are:

  • 22-story development called FNB Tower
  • Ground-floor retail space
  • 240 residential units
  • First National Bank will occupy 40,000 of 150,000 square feet of space
  • LEED Platinum design building
  • Groundbreaking in December 2017, completion in Summer 2019

The Charter Square projects have gone through numerous changes but this feels like a solid enough update to instill confidence in seeing a crane set up on that site later this year.

This will be a good one to watch as this view from will drastically change. City Plaza is going to be one heck of an urban space in a few years!

Charter Square south tower completes construction

Click for larger, wider view.

Charter Square North Changes Looks Yet Again

Charter Square North

More matching the already built south tower, the Raleigh appearance commission will be reviewing the latest renderings of the Charter Square north tower with this rendering above. The 23-story, mixed-use tower has been in the planning stages for quite a few years so could this finally be the final design?

I personally was a fan of the previous renderings. This newest one “smooths out” the edges a bit by removing the vertical “fins” which I thought added some upward “interestingness.” (sorry for all the quotes)

Should make for a great project though.

Updated Renderings of Charter Square North

Charter Square North, South and North elevation

Charter Square North, South and North elevation. Click for larger

Last week’s Raleigh Appearance Commission meeting contained a site plan review for the north tower of Charter Square. Included in the agenda are some renderings that I wanted to post here. You can also watch the presentation from the architects that took place at the commission meeting.

Highlights of the upcoming tower are:

  • Ground-floor retail space
  • 187,000 square feet of office space
  • 195 residential units, 1 and 2 bedroom units
  • The plaza to the north will remain to offer some connectivity between Fayetteville Street and Wilmington Street.

It’s also interesting to note that this building is the tallest that can be at this site. Due to the underground parking deck that exists there today, Charter Square North cannot be any taller.

If the embedded video doesn’t show for you, click here. Discussion starts at 18:00.

Charter Square North, east elevation

Charter Square North, east elevation. Click for larger

Charter Square North, west elevation

Charter Square North, west elevation. Click for larger

Charter Square North, perspective from City Plaza

Charter Square North, Perspective from City Plaza. Click for larger

Charter Square North, perspective view from west

Charter Square North, perspective view from west. Click for larger

Charter Square North, perspective view from south

Charter Square North, perspective view from south. Click for larger