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FNB Tower construction site. May 2018.

In case you missed it, FNB Tower is officially under construction. The tower crane has shown up at the site and crews have been pounding away.

For me, it’ll be enjoyable to watch this mixed-use project go up and I think it’ll make a dramatic impact on City Plaza as it fills in the “360 effect.”

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  1. Leo , FNB Tower is my favorite Raleigh Tower Project ! I have been looking forward for this project to start since day one !

  2. It looks like there is another crane ready to be set up in DTR? This one is laying down in a lot by Red Hat Amphitheater. I thought it might be the extension for the FNB project. But it’s red and triangular. The FNB crane appears to be grey and square. Any ideas?

  3. Has anyone else noticed that the FNB crane is out of plumb ever so slightly? If you site the vertical structure of the crane against the building behind you can see that something is amiss. If you look closely you might be able to see it in the picture above but it’s much more apparent if you are actually on site. I noticed this when I was watching the crane go up this past weekend.

    Is there some allowable tolerance for how far cranes can be out of plumb?

  4. The crane actually is out of plumb on purpose. Thevtower an flex quite a lot when picking a load. The counterweight pulls it back without a load and then it will move forward when it picks it up. The boom is similarly curved upwards if you look at it.

  5. Thanks Fran! I feel like constructions cams should be a matter of course for projects like these…

  6. Fran, that’s awesome!

    Let me take a moment to remind folks of the upcoming DTRaleigh forums. I’m putting it together now and it should be up and running soon.

    Let me know if you want to get in early and help me seed it with topics and early discussion. I’d really appreciate the help as it will make the transition (yes blog comments will close) much easier for the rest of the community.

    Just speak up or let me know. I’ll use your current comment user email to get in touch with you.

  7. @Lee. Thanks for clearing up my question on why the crane is leaning. This is similar, then, to how a flatbed semi trailer is bowed up in anticipation of a load being applied. Cool.

    I figured some knowledgeable person on this forum would know the answer!

  8. The only other crane that is going up in Raleigh soon that i know of is the second one at Kanes peace street project.

  9. For me “Smokey Hollow” is pretty Meh. I don’t dislike it but not much to get excited about either.

  10. Maverick what do you mean by “should”? Based on a rendering or massing? Same design firm being consulted? Your opinion?

  11. The government orgs whose buildings were damaged by the Metropolitan fire, the ones on the other half of the block there, have put out a request for developers seeking to redevelop the land. They have a few requests, like being able to move in to the new building(s) when they’re done, and naming the office space the “North Carolina Local Government Center”.

    Current zoning allows for 12 stories.

    All this is in the BizJournal, but behind a paywall.

  12. Land donation for large soccer complex should benefit entire regionhttp://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article211651334.html

  13. Mark It was Just a illustration, just my Opinion. wasn’t expecting to look exactly like the drawing, but sonthing close to it.

  14. @Leo, I’m totally in on the new forum, but let me make a suggestion. Go to city-data.com and search their forums for the Triangle Forum. It’s actually the most active sub-forum on the site. A lot of people post there including me.
    You might want to take a look at what is and isn’t being discussed there. Having a DT specific forum will be wonderful because it will zero-in on a group specifically interested in DT topics.

  15. John, that’s cool. I think that’s my intent. I plan on creating a “Pub” with loosely defined “anything goes” criteria but the downtown specific categories will take much higher priority.

    I haven’t seen the city-data forums in years but I will say my setup so far, using Discourse, is very slick and modern with some A+ features for sharing rich images, maps, and social posts. From my experience it’s nicer than a bland forum from the early 2000s.

  16. Why such a short crane? I thought it was going to be taller than Progress One tower but from the looks of it, it looks shorter.

  17. I saw the crane sections as well. Maybe it’s for the new Exploris school building?

  18. TBJ is reporting that the buildings located to the east and damaged in the Metropolitan fire are soliciting proposals to redevelop the property as a mixed use development. The new development would include space for the local government groups who were displaced and a conference center. According to the article, current zoning allows for up to 12 stories.

  19. The other crane could be Metcon’s for the gateway center. Just a guess based on the location.

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