Charter Square Rising

On Fayetteville St., two cranes loom out of a giant hole in the ground. Construction on the underground deck continues and is beginning to rise up to the street. Concrete has now met up with Wilmington and Fayetteville Streets, which are actually at different elevations on this block. Fayetteville St. is higher then Wilmington. See the side view picture below to get a better idea of it. The south parking deck does not have as much progress as the north so we’ll have to wait and see if Charter Square or more parking deck comes next.

Looking north from Lenoir St.

Heads up Bank of America, that sign will be blocked soon.

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  1. This is a great project. I would be dissapointed but not surprised if this project was delayed. We’re in a recession and the credit markets are still tight. Nevertheless, I suspect that there are downtown leaders and advocates across the country that wish they would have the same number of projects we have underway, planned, or under constructrion in downtown Raleigh.

  2. This one two combo will offer a solid balance of “modern design” along side RBC and the Edison Towers against the rest of the old structures and designs of downtown. I am so ready to see what retail stores will reside on the ground level of these buildings as well as the Hue.

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