Digging at Green Square

The Green Square project has been under the radar recently but is moving along. They keep their progress well hidden behind wooden fences but there is a lot digging going on at the corner of McDowell and Jones St. Green Square was one of many projects that were fast tracked by the government in order to stir up the state economy so there is a good chance that this project will not slip. While some buildings had to come down, most of the project will be built on what was a parking lot especially west of the current construction site.

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  1. Good addition to Raleigh “IF” this is a building with character (and retail and foot-traffic 24/7). If not, another prime piece of property wasted in downtown Raleigh (L Building, Dawson, Hue and 222 Glenwood are great examples of new structures that should be torn down tomorrow).

  2. Jake, I am afraid this is yet-another half-waste of property. State government doesn’t care much about retail options and other urban amenities in the ground floor of its buildings. Sadly, the design doesn’t seem to be anything inspiring. It will be a nice complex, but not something to cause enthusiasm, unless things change in the process. I am a bit sick and tired of the same old stuff when it comes to size. I am tired of 4-6 story buildings in locations that deserve more. For the money we’ll spend, we should have gotten a lot more. The parking deck – not the underground parking component – will be another insult to our city. I am glad to see the progress from my office window, but I wish we could get something taller.

    Let’s hope that NCSU will be wise enough to build their 14-story midrise instead of the 6-story version. I know that some state officials hate to see something taller than the Capitol Bldg, but I surely hope they will not influence NCSU’s decision/vision. I would love to see something way above the norm in this part of downtown.

  3. Yeah, what 14 story NCSU building? I work on the NC State campus, and unless this has slipped by me somehow, I’ve not heard of any planned 14-story midrise.

  4. NC SECU has two options: either a 14-story midrise with above ground parking – don’t quote me on the last part – or a 5-6 story lowrise with underground parking. There is, unfortunately, pressure from the state government to keep the height low, because they do not wish to “overwhelm” the State Capitol Building… Go figure.

    Personally, I favor the 14-story midrise. I don’t wish to see any more 5-6 story crap in that area. I work across from there and I am tired of looking at lowrises all over. Hopefully, NC SECU will not give in to the pressure. After all, they are not a state government entity.

  5. A bigger crane is being put-together as I type up these lines :) A nice little view of 4 cranes – for now – at the site, as I am looking out my office window :) I spoke to someone who knows a few things about the NC SECU tower and he told me that the latest plans include no underground parking, which means that the 14-story version is favored. NC SECU is financially stable, so I don’t see any troubles moving forward once the Green Square project reaches a certain stage (after the underground parking is finished, at least).

  6. Also, my apologies for saying “NCSU” instead of “NC SECU”. Very confusing, indeed. Maybe wishful thinking on my part :LOL:

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