Green Square Skyway #2 Under Construction

Another skyway is being put together, this time over Salisbury Street, as part of the Green Square project. A couple of weeks ago, the first skyway was being put together over McDowell Street. The skyways are cool because they are the first of its kind in downtown Raleigh in which they cross over a city street, especially ones so busy.

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  1. I think I have stated my opinion before, but here it is once more: I hate skybridges, especially when they connect low-rises. I work across from there and I never had an issue crossing those streets. I think that the second skybridge was the result of stupidity on the part of those who approved a design that places the back of the museum on Salisbury Street. Without an exit on that street, it is necessary to place a skybridge – since we have become too lazy to walk an extra 2-3 minutes.

    On the positive side, both skybridges appear to blend better with the landscape than I thought they would. In fact, the first one has a very strange effect: it creates a “door” that leads away from downtown… Like an exit. I can’t wait for the NC SECU Building to appear in the skyline, to offset the effect of the skybridge a little. From my window it looks like they are almost finished connecting the two buildings… Just a small gap is left.

  2. Ernest, agreed about the skyways. I’d prefer a tunnel if the connection is really needed. No street really needs a skyway between low rises. More feet on the street is positive and needed.

  3. I don’t mind the skyways. Yeah, it’s nice when people are on the street, but if two buildings need to be connected for a common purpose, then it makes sense. As I understand it, there will be lots of inter-connectivity between them with people going back and forth all day.

    Sure it’s good to go out and walk across the street if it’s sunny and 75 degrees everyday…but that only happens in L.A.

  4. Jeff, I will be more than happy to email you some :) Just click on my name and go through my website for contact info. Anyway, by now you might have already seen the second skybridge in person…

    When I was a student at Hunter College (NYC), they had a few skybridges connecting the three main buildings, but those made sense… Who wants to cross Lexington Ave just to go from the 8th floor of one building to the 8th floor of the other? Some skybridges didn’t bother me as much… I just wish I had a digital camera back then, so I can take photos from the skybridges :)

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