Green Square Construction Shows Life

Almost six months after the demolition of the old NC DOT building on McDowell St., work on the Green Square project is finally getting started. It is nothing exciting yet but it is better then a pile of dirt or a huge, vacant hole in the ground (should I give examples?). Behind a long green monster wall, it looks like foundation work is taking place at the moment.

For a recap on the project and a view of the old buildings that were here, this post is a must read.

When completed Green Square will consist of:
• Headquarters for the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
• The Nature Research Center, an expansion of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences
• Visitor and employee parking deck
• Retail store and restaurant

Any artists in the audience want to tag up the green wall? Something like this maybe?

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  1. They’ve been digging for a while, now :) Good progress, although not too fast, possibly because this is a big chunk. NC SECU has already moved the safe, which tells me that it is only a matter of time before they demolish their building, too. I think the state is still waiting for DENR’s final word before – I am not sure what about – so I expect the construction to move faster in a few months.

  2. Is this building going to look like the renderings or are they going to “change it to ugly” like all the other projects in downtown Raleigh? Will the big flat panel still be part of the project (looks like a flat panel in the rendering)

  3. TC, it should close as close to the renderings as possible, although some details are being worked out (i.e. the NE corner, adjacent to NC SECU). The overall look should be fine, but this is yet-another waste of space, courtesy of our state leaders, who are more concerned about patting each other in the back than making the best land use possible. In a way, I am happy this project will happen, but I secretly wish they go back to the drawing board and come up with the bigger and better idea.

    The city tried to encourage better use at the ground level, but state leaders could not make the numbers work, whatever that means. I am tempted to ask certain people for an interview and put it on my website – they work across from my office :)

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