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Is Hillsborough St. too dark at night? The trees are great during the day but add to the darkness at night. It is going to take more lights then Fayetteville St. to properly light up the sidewalks here.

aaahhhhh lights!

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. Hillsborough St. is definitely too dark at night! It’s not unsafe or anything like that but it definitely lacks the fun night vibe of downtown Raleigh. I don’t know where Raleigh will find the money but I think that has to be our next project, revitalizing Hillsborough St.

  2. I think that the stretch of Hillsborough that he took a photo of is full of old office buildings, so at night it is dead. But yeah, more lights are DEFINITELY needed there. Speaking of Hillsborough Street, did you know that it doesn’t actually go to Hillsborough? In fact, If you follow NC 54, it will in fact take you to Burlington. Just pointing that out, not trying to make anything of it.

    And finally, LOL on the captions!!!!!!

  3. The street is way to dark especially in comparison to F-Street. Wasn’t there going to be a Winston Hotel built on or near F-Street? If so that would help out greatly. We could also use a few buildings to connect F-Street to H-Street to Glennwood Ave.

  4. There definitely needs to be more lights, less homeless, and more security presence. A girl got raped off Hillsborough earlier this week at night by a homeless man.

  5. There is no comparison between the two streets, that’s for sure. However, let’s see how things will look once the trees on Fayetteville Str grow tall. Will we have the same effect with Hillsborough Str? The latter can benefit from several high-rise developments along its downtown stretch. The lights from nearby buildings can offer a sense of security from a distance, but the ground level needs to be well lit, too. Can’t wait to see restaurants and other destinations coming to Hillsborough Str. It could offer a great experience, but it will require MAJOR redevelopment efforts. All empty and underutilized sections will need to be redeveloped. Maybe a few destinations like Solas could help ;)

  6. While the lampposts on Hillsborough have a nicer design (in my humble opinion) than Fayetteville Street’s, they certainly need brighter bulbs.
    I think if they got the same bright White bulbs that the lampposts on Glenwood South have, then it would be much much better. (I’ve been saying for years that this should be done.)

    And yeah, in some parts, low-lying tree branches being cut would help too.

    In addition, most of them could use a fresh coat of paint.

  7. I was actually thinking that a couple months ago when I was walking that part of Hillsborough St. One idea I had, which obviously won’t be happening, is for them to destroy the soon-to-be Campbell Law building or revamp it to make it a downtown indoor shopping mall, similar to the indoor mall in Georgetown, DC, or like the malls in Manhattan.

    Of course, that’s a far-fetched idea, but hey, could’ve REALLY been a great revitalization tool.

  8. Hillsboro St should have been the first revitalizing project. Do any of you ever visit the rest of that road? You know… where NCSU is?! That place looks like crap!

    If you ever want to bring a city to life, you have to be inviting to new people from all around the world. What better way then a quality school with a quality environment around it.

  9. big difference in the light bill for Fayetteville St. and Hillsborough St! Further, a reason exists behind the all the sodium bulbs on that stretch – they don’t want people to loiter around at night!
    the rape occurred much further down on hillsborough – next to dh hill I believe. The area in the picture is composed of Churches and Admin buildings so there wouldn’t be many people there at night anyway – except for security guards. A rapist would bore himself to death!

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