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If you have been reading the site for awhile now, you may have noticed things being a little slow. I’ve been real busy lately but have no fear, it’s just because I have been making tons of plans. Last week alone consisted of hockey, football, birthday, and a trip to West Virginia. Hopefully I’ll be able to ramp up some new content for the blog this week.

In the mean time here are some pics for discussion, viewing, or any other shenanigans you crazies can come up with.

FAIL! I still like the coffee though.

Ugly Monkey

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  1. I also noticed the Dunkin’ Donuts sign was messed when I was on my way home the other day. How exactly does one mess that up?

    And The Ugly Monkey: Party Bar…I just have no words for that…

  2. Where are the canopies like the ones they show in the architects rendering? Where is the outdoor seating? And if you have seating. The sidewalks are not wide enough for seating. NOTE: They have outdoor seating at the Red Room, cannot even walk on the sidewalk, have to walk around the customers eating – IDIOTS!

    This turned out to be an ugly building (this should have never been approved, does not even blend in with the existing structures). Again, another developer and architect that should be banned from future downtown development.

  3. I don’t normally agree with anything TC says, but he does raise a great point in regard to awnings. I had to go back this morning and find one of the older illustrations, but TC is right. What happened to the awnings? They would have been great for breaking up the huge walls on this building.

  4. Still would have rather seen something independent… not DD. Do love the FAIL though… too funny.

    Ugly Monkey? Party bar? How big is this location? Need to do some Google-ing today apparently :-)

  5. Lisa, the Ugly Monkey is in the old Aries space at Harrington and Morgan.

    The DD sign has been altered as of yesterday. The apostrophe was removed, leaving a space there. It sill has not been relocated to where it belongs.

    As for the canopies and outdoor seating, none of the retail spaces are finished yet in this building. DD’s and hairdos are definitely ahead of everything else, but they are still not finished, so maybe they are waiting to install the canopies until the work is done in all of the retail spaces. Incidentally, I don’t even think there is a tenant yet for the large corner space next to Tobacco Road.

  6. I went by the DD two days ago and noticed the sign….this a.m. the apostrophe was taken down, but now there is that odd space where it was….the apostrophe should be on Dunkin’ and the registered symbol after donuts.

  7. DD, who cares, go to starbucks, we know it’s better just hate to admit it.

    Second, ugly monkey is the shit! we all can feel better about ourselves there bc there is always someone uglier and drunker than us. The bartenders know when shit is sucking and bring it back up. Try it, and love it.

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