One Year Ago: The L and Parking Deck

From this post on October 17th, 2007.


View from Cabarrus St. Notice the LED lights, a new initiative by the city for all new parking decks.

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  1. While I am glad to see the progress, I can’t help noticing that yet-another opportunity is lost for downtown to get something iconic – and definitely MUCH bigger that this project. Don’t get me wrong, I like the L Building, but this location is prime and it shouldn’t be wasted on such small projects. In a few years, all we’ll be left with is a large number of old low-rises – some historic, some not – and no place to build up :(

    On a more positive note, it surely feels nice to drive on McDowell Str, coming from the South, and looking at a structure taller than 2-3 stories. Can’t wait until the actual L Building is finished.

  2. Ernest your right, but in my words “that building is ugly and a waste. Again, nothing but garbage from Empire (they should stick to cleaning up old 2-3 stories buildings, they have NO clue how to build from scratch).

    What a waste of land. I blame the city for selling this property to them, prime real estate (this property can be seen from (alomost) every downtown angle (and this ugly building is now in view). Building garbage downtown has to stop (we need outside developers and architects on EVERY future project).

  3. TC, it is actually the county that is responsible for this decision. Unfortunately, no other developer came back with a better proposal, so the county leaders had little to work with :( Given the current market conditions, I am not sure things would have gone very well, anyway, but at the same time I wish someone with deeper pockets could participate in the RFP.

    Now, I find it VERY hard to believe that no developers have interest in building in such an outstanding location. That corner (the L Building site) will prove to be golden in the future. This is not to say that Empire Properties didn’t want to deliver the best possible product, and I give them credit for participating in the RFP, but I wish they had the kind of money they need to deliver even the existing vision, if not something far better. Something along the same lines with Lafayette, only taller :) I wish Empire Properties best of luck, though.

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