222 Parking Deck Paint Job

Edit: The RalCon Tumblelog has been discontinued.

I threw up this picture on the RalCon Tumblelog but remembered that recently there was good discussion related to 222 Glenwood. It appears that this is the final paint job of the parking deck and the flat wall along Jones St. is looking a little ‘simple’. We also had discussion about the murals of downtown and this blank wall was mentioned as a good space for another mural.

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  1. Is this the finished look? If so, it looks like it is not finished. Who painted this, a 5 year old? Can we STOP with the brick and tan in this city (do we have brick and tan paint in inventory since 1900).
    Use Something Different developers!

  2. 222 Glenwood is a huge step backward for the Glenwood South area. What a POS. The glenwood side of the building is as unarticulated and unhuman scaled (if that’s a word) as this parking deck. At least the deck doesn’t face the street. The Plannig department really dropped the ball on approving this project in this state of design.

  3. I agree with the post above. this building is probably one of the worst new developments in dt raleigh. the building is uninspiring to say the least, and the quality of materials is terrible. it sucks for the people that will be living there in a few years.

    the developer is really the loser here – probably some underachiever that has a token job at his dad’s company. he could have made something great, made people happy, and could have made lots of money. instead, we’re stuck with this ugly ass building blearing down on glenwood south. thanks a lot you greedy jerk!!

  4. Well said May 1st posting.

    Really look at this parking deck. Could this finished product look any more pathetic (city council needs to step in and do something about this!)

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