Green Square Construction Update

Last week I had a wide angle lens that I was borrowing for a trip. I had one more day before returning it so I hit the sidewalks and walked around downtown Raleigh for some pictures. Here are some raw photos of the Green Square project under construction for those that don’t see it too often.

If you click on the photos, a gallery pops up with larger pictures and more then are shown. RSS and e-mail viewers please click the source link to view it.

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  1. Great work, Leo!!! I don’t know if you did any perspective correction, but there seems to be little “distortion”, or at least it is not the annoying type of distortion. I use Sigma’s 10-20mm on my Nikon D50 and D200 and the distortion can get annoying sometimes, which is expected when taking photos from the street level.

    Working across from Green Square, on the 5th floor, I get to see the entire project materialize and I must say I am truly excited. I am even happier to see the NC SECU Bldg rising above Green Square in the next few months. A great redevelopment effort, even though the price tag isn’t exactly on the lower end. Still, I wish they had combined the two buildings into one, or better, make the SE corner of Jones and McDowell streets a taller portion, around 12-15 stories, leaving the West parcel for later redevelopment. This would overwhelm the parking deck, instead of the other way around. At least, the parking deck is not an ugly structure.

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