More to Charter Square Than Just a Tower

Charter Square construction site November 2014

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Here’s a nice Fall photo of the Charter Square construction site on the south end of Fayetteville Street. The southern tower has topped out and siding is starting to rise up along each side. You can also see the space for the future northern tower to the right in the foreground.

What I kind of wondered about was the low-rise section being built along Wilmington Street. In the past, I had actually assumed that the building footprint was to go from the Fayetteville Street sidewalk to the Wilmington Street sidewalk but that’s not the case here. I’ll admit to overlooking this when presented with the one rendering back in 2013.

Digging out the site plan from the city’s website we have this screenshot below.
Charter Square site plan 2013

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This site plan shows that there will be a one-story building along Wilmington Street with about 9,000 square feet of retail space. Between it and the southern tower of Charter Square would be open space. The text on the site plan calls it “Flat roof (possible future plaza)” Indeed when looking at what is being built now, a roof seems to be going in.

To the immediate north of the tower and retail spaces is a pedestrian plaza cutting the block in half. The northern tower, which is still in the planning phases as of today, would complete Charter Square.

The plaza adds some nice complexity to this block as it aligns with the existing Fayetteville Street crosswalk and the pedestrian entrance to the Marriott hotel. The site plan also shows retail/restaurant space on the northwest corner but mostly facing the plaza. I wonder if this is the space where Eschelon Experiences’ new restaurant may go?

The building should be done by Summer 2015.

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  1. Dwight, have you heard any updates on the Charter Square north tower? Also, anything on how much of the south tower is pre-leased? I head that would have much effect on the north tower.

  2. I’ve been wondering about that too! Also, has there been any update on the North Tower? That is arguably more important than this one, although just the fact that the project is still on is great. I would love to see a rendering or a start date.

  3. This building will not be as tall as many would like but I think it’s design and modern look will help make up for this when it is completed.

  4. BRING ON THE RETAIL! I’d prefer to see Raleigh go the direction of Asheville (NC) in terms of retail; yes, they have an Urban Outfitters (which I’ve heard from 3 different sources now are currently looking for a space in Raleigh!), but their main draw for shopping are the little mom ‘n’ pop shops: vintage/antiques, record stores (we already have a great selection of these!), book/magazine/zine shops, oddities shops (think The Little Leviathan), boutique/local clothing shops (which we already have an abundance of!) etc etc. Smaller, locally owned and operated shops that add to the diversity and uniqueness of our great city. So far I definitely think we are headed in the right direction, we just need more!

  5. Does anyone know what the white stuff they add to the steel is? It seems to take them quite a while to add, and they have to put tarps up during the process. It would be great if someone could explain this to me because the internet doesnt seem to have answers. Thanks!

  6. LOL wow, I’ve been wondering about that too! It definitely does seem to take a long time. If I had to guess, I would say it is some type of sprayed concrete/composite for added strength, rigidity, insulation, or fire retardation.

  7. I have grown up and lived in NC for 30+ years and have friends all over the state. I do love Asheville. It’s a great scene. But you also have to remember that Asheville and Wlimington are tourist towns. Tourist eat up mom pop/ boutique/ arts&craft. Asheville also thrives with counter culture. Raleigh is the exact opposite. Downtown Raleigh is Bankers, Govt, politicians, wanna be politicians, and a newly found tech industry, along with the service industry thy supports it all. With that said, supply will meet demand and there is a different demand in Raleigh than Asheville. But I do agree that we have come a long way in retail. Raleigh also has a much higher median income than Asheville. I be surprised if Asheville has had more than 3 or 4 new buildings built in there downtown in the last 20 years. It’s
    Just a different scene.

  8. I heard the north tower will be 27 stories. Not sure if that is the final plan but that is what I heard from a good source.

  9. The white stuff they are spraying on the steel is fire retardant. After 9/11 it is now required. It needs to be a certain thickness to pass inspection. I also know someone that works on that site and is saying they are planning a 27 story building for the north tower. Not sure how true it is but that’s what the word from the construction site is.

  10. Democrats Sweep Wake Commission! Finally can start moving forward and begin talking mass transit in ernest!!! Big Day for City of Raleigh and Wake County!!

  11. I am satisfied with the current construction projects going on downtown Raleigh.

    I am going to be very satisfied once the North Tower for Charter Square, along with the Edison Tower, that new 30 story tower by Campbell Law and the planned Residence Inn is all completed within the next 3 years. Because at that point in time,I predict that these smaller scale, seemingly unimpressive 5-6 story apartments and condos are going to provide as adequate, lively infill.

    I feel that within 3 years, all of Raleigh will share a continuous urban feel as well as brag about it’s completely new skyline, embodied through Raleigh-esque branding.

    I draw this conclusion from the reality that exists presently; the Raleigh skyline includes primarily, only 3 distinguished skyscrapers. This old skyline will contrast heavily with the newskyline made up of 5 distinguished skyscrapers with a healthier amount of midrises. (When I say distinguished in terms of skyscrapers, I am referring to the visually evident dramatic height difference compared to surrounding buildings.)

  12. If I remember correctly. The north tower was suppose to be mixed use. I hope that’s still the case. Maybe a hotel with a residential component. Maybe some office space. To expand the height. We can only hope. Still wishing for a WESTIN. That area could really use a high end hotel.

  13. UncleJesse, Wake Co. may be democratic majority for next four years, but it’s likely the state legislature will impede their ability to act effectively with burdensome legislation. For instance, capping the the percentage of tax increases that can be on a referendum or taking away privilege license fees from cities. In other words, the legislature will have a score to settle with heavily democratic Wake Co. Commissioners.

    Daniel, I’d be very surprised/happy if they proposed 27 stories. The current concept for Tower 2 is 20 stories and that was reiterated this year by Dominion Realty Partners.

    Cameron, I have yet to hear of a 30-story tower being proposed by Campbell Law.

  14. Pretty sure Cameron meant across from Campbell Law School and not “by”. But at this point and time no one has purchased the two lots across the street that are currently being used as parking lots.

  15. I am really hoping the north tower ends up being as tall as they say it will. It seems as though Raleigh has settled for smaller, less distinguished buildings in the past. Not as much in the past 5 years though, so we can only be hopeful for those grandiose buildings that the best cities are constructing.

  16. @squirrelchat they must of changed it because I heard it was going to be 27 floors 2 weeks ago by someone working at that construction site.

  17. I really wish there was an updated rendering of the north tower so we can discuss it instead of just sharing rumors and possibilities.

  18. Can we go for some quality instead of quantity when it comes to new towers? I’d rather give up a little height for a little more style.

  19. I hope it’s both! In that spot it will have an overwhelming effect on the “Money Shot”. If they put something ugly there. I don’t even have the words.

  20. @Daniel The 20 story concept was discussed in the spring of this year, so perhaps they have altered it since then. If your anonymous construction worker friend is right, then 27 stories would definitely alter the “money shot” view of our skyline from McDowell St. Although, I won’t believe any rumors until I see an actual rendering or submittal to city.

  21. I say they will take the easy route and build a 20-27 story building that looks exactly like the south tower. True visionaries.

  22. App. 2 months ago , I was eating @ Cooper’s BBQ & was talking to the owner . He said that he leases his space from Empire Properties & they have also said that they heard that the tower would be 27 stories . Dwight Nipper

  23. If they plan on sparking interest early on the North Tower, then we should be seeing a rendoring released very soon.

  24. Dwight’s rumors are usually good. Sounds good to me! 27 stories in that spot will be awesome! A true skyline changer. Lets hope they don’t take years to get it done.

  25. I emailed their senior VP about the North Tower’s progress, and he said they are still working through the process. Likely depends on lease up at the South Tower. Pretty vague, which I would expect since nothing has been finalized. I think we should try to stay on top of the leasing progress if we want to have any clues as to when more info will be available.

  26. @ Jeff , Brad Corsmeier with CBRE told me the same thing app. 2 months ago . @ that time The South Tower was leased @ 47% . Besides hearing the 27-story rumor for the North Tower , I have also heard the 20-story rumor from a downtown source that doesn’t want to be mention . Hoping that something happens in 2015 . Dwight Nipper

  27. I would also expect the North tower to look similar to the South building, just taller. A darker shade of blue would look good. 27 stories would really add to the skyline!

  28. Thanks Adrian for your kind comment ! Lets hope that the 27 – story prediction is true . Dwight Nipper

  29. Hey Dwight, how would I find out about the updated leasing of the South tower? If the North tower depends on the leasing of the South Tower, then I would like to follow the progress of it. Thanks.

  30. Josh , Brad Corsmeier with CBRE phone # is 919/831-8236 . Brad is who I spoke with . Also J. Davis Architects # is 919/835-1500 . Hope this helps . Take Care , Dwight Nipper

  31. The architect group and developer have done a very poor job of supplying Charter Square South final renderings. Does anyone know what the Wilmington side will look like when completed?
    The stand alone building seems out of place, this developer and architect have given a number of us the impression they have no idea what they are doing (looks like they just threw up a building to fill a void due to their lack of vision with the overall site plan). Looks like a sail on top of the building, which looks rediculous (this building cannot even be seen from the West looking East over the Marriott (what a mistake – a taller building would have been a plus to move your eye from that ugly Marriott to the new building if taller). North Tower better be a signature design or both prime locations will be wasted (now we have two side by side awful designs with the Marriott and South Tower)

  32. I went by the Choate Construction Office @ Charter Square today & spoke with The Project Manager . He was very nice but he did not tell me his name . He said that the height of The South Tower was 188 feet . He said the last time that he spoke with someone with Dominion Realty , they were saying that The North Tower would be 22 or 23 stories . I also went by Dominion Realty @ 700 Springforest Rd. , suite 121 & spoke with Chris Carlino , Senior Financial Analyst & he could not give out any info. except that it looked good concerning the leasing of The South Tower . He was also very nice but said it was just to early to say anything concerning The North Tower . Dwight Nipper

  33. 22-23 stories I can deal with. In that spot I will really make an impression. Good to hear south tower leasing in coming along. Maybe we will hear something on north tower by spring? I hope? Good info as always Dwight.

    Totally off subject. Has there been any movement on Raleigh bike share?

  34. Thanks for the effort and the info, Dwight! As impatient as I am for the North Tower to actually start (based on the project’s track record), it’s great to hear about the height and the South Tower leasing going well. Of course if they made a 40 story marvel in that spot, it would also have a great effect. At that location, though, 22 stories would be the first real addition to the skyline since RBC went up before I moved here. More than happy for that.

  35. This seems to me to be good news . I was told today by a Very Reliable Source that the North Tower would have some residential units . It seems to me that this would help in getting faster financing & also built quicker to help the new Citrix employees that want to live downtown & by their property . Dwight Nipper

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