Rendering of The New Charter Square Tower via Twitter

Charter Square rendering 2013

There’s some high-level info at the N&O and the TBJ but I’m sure more details will come out soon if, according to the TBJ, the groundbreaking is in the next few months.

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  1. This is 1/2 of the parcel right? There will still be one more building to be built on that site? Originally this was supposed to be 2 buildings of 15 and 21 floors. I actually like that rendition, and hope that they build the other half at equal or greater height!

  2. Another BS scale down for the downtown skyline. First they turn the Edison project from 4 tall towers (with 2 towering higher than the PNC plaza) to a dumbed down apartment project and now they cut the Charter Square height in half, just pathetic. If they’re just going to clog Raleigh skyline with more lame little buildings like this than they should just not build them at all, wait until they can afford the ones that stand out and make our city look special and inviting to big businesses. People think of us as a small nothing town because it looks like one compared to other cities of similar size. Give us a downtown skyline we can be proud of, show off, and one that’s inviting to all big businesses looking to expand.

  3. Woahhhh… easy now. This rendering is of the south tower (where the 15 story residence tower was planned). This 11 story office tower is actually taller than the planned 15 story residence tower and they announced it is going to clock in at around 215 ft. A little taller than the Marriott. Overall, we are getting a gain in height. If you look on the revised Charter Square website they are now advertising tower one as a residence rather than the office. I assume to capture the hot rental market. IMO its a great modern design with alot of glass and we should hope that someone scoops up the empty lot that will be between it and the Bank of America to put up a monster.

  4. Haaaaaa! It may be a big glass box but standing across from the Mariott it is going to look like the Mona Lisa.

  5. The design is good. A lot of details do not make it into these renderings and most times the stuff that does is just extravagance added by the architect and does not make it to the final design anyway. Striving for LEED Platinum is huge for downtown Raleigh and would definitely shed Doug’s image of ‘small town’ (although, I doubt that’s Raleigh’s image anyway). It’s not always about height – but innovation and progress.

    But here’s hoping for a 25+ tower for the North portion of the site!

  6. This building is the South tower and – at 11 floors of office space – will be slightly taller than the originally proposed 15 floors of residential. This is an improvement (as far as the skyline is concerned).

    Hopefully it fills up fast and the North tower can be built with more office space and residential on top.

  7. Wish it were 3 times as tall but sometimes it takes small steps before you can run, and at least it’s an attractive building that will add good density in a place that needs it.

  8. @Skyline Lover – All 3 of Raleigh’s 400-ft buildings were built after 1991. BB&T and Wells Fargo were built in 1992 in fact. RBC was built in 2008. Progress II (19 floors) was built in 2001.

    It is a disappointment that in 20 years that’s all we’ve gotten though. Charter Square, the Lafayette, the Reynolds tower, and the Lightner Center could have been transformative if they had been built.

    Raleigh needs to find some way to coax the companies in RTP into putting their administrative/financial/legal divisions in a tower downtown. They can keep their labs and their factories out in RTP but if we could get a regional corporate HQ for something like Lenovo, Cisco, or Apple, Raleigh could very rapidly catch up to Charlotte in the skyline department.

  9. *apologies, meant the Edison, not Charter Square. Obviously the latter is getting built–at least partially.

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