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Gap on Flickr (via DTRaleigh)

All cleaned up and cleared out. Now, we wait. The future Justice Center is planned for this site and might take awhile because of the down economy.

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  1. I wish there was a way to save the previously existing structures, but it is too late now :( I only hope that the final product will look good and improve on the previous land use. Excellent shot!!! I love the clarity.

    It is funny, I was at the same spot yesterday, taking photos :lol: It was during my lunch break, though, so I didn’t get as clear a shot as I would like. There was a nice blond girl crossing the street, and I captured that :lol:

  2. The number of empty lots downtown is growing (it’s been like this for 20 years). The views are getting old and boring. Projects have been in the planning stage for years, now the excuse is the economy (this city takes much to long to move projects forward). The federal/public sector projects need to break ground TODAY (this will stimulate the local economy). Contractor pricing is very reasonable, take advantage of it, get these projects moving today (tired of this conservative downtown group). Just went to two cities smaller than Raleigh, more art, no pot holes in the streets (all paved), sidewalks were wide and consistant throughout downtown and water features were everywhere. We are the Capital City of a top 10 state in the union (and we continue to stare at empty lots and underwhelming development (example: The ugly: Hue, Dawson and Glewood building next to 518 that has noone living in it)

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