The Tucker Now Open

While some construction is still going on, The Tucker is now open and ready for you to to sign a lease. This is the largest apartment project yet to come to downtown, unless something else decides to change to rentals, and should inject some pedestrian goodness all around Glenwood South. Check out a construction update on The Tucker a year ago today.

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  1. I don’t really understand the design of having these building right up against the street? If they would place then about 20 feet back and give enough room to ring them with trees it would give a better streetscape and larger trees would grow better.

  2. It is good that the are against the street with a sidewalk lining it, which may have trees in the near future. It is a better use of the land, which is relatively more expensive, and shows true urban form.

  3. I understand what Arthur says, and he is correct. However, pushing the structure even a few feet back would force the developers to alter the height significantly. One more floor would have driven the Cameron Park NIMBYs totally mad. These guys fought over 1 floor, imagine if the developer was to make other changes :LOL: Seriously, one additional floor would have required even stronger standards and definitely a much higher cost. Personally, I am not excited about the parking deck, but it is better than other projects, IMO.

    Personally, I would prefer a 10-15 story residential building, with a parking deck incorporated in the structure, on the Eastern side and a 5-story residential next door, to the West, but it is too late for that. As is, I think 712 Tucker offers an overall pleasant urban experience. I am not as crazy about the St Mary’s Str side, but it could have been worse.

  4. Why are you saying this? Have we applied any good standards yet and I complained? I used to blame the developers for everything, until the NIMBYs shut down Neal Coker’s great vision. From that point on I realized that neither the city, nor the developers are doing enough. Add the usual suspects who want to demonstrate power – neighborhood leaders and opportunists – and then you may find reasons to be unsatisfied, too.

    To answer your question, there are buildings in Raleigh that not only have some architecture, but also look great at the street-level. The problem is we miss great opportunities to get better quality developments. Since we are talking about 712 Tucker, I happen to like the project’s urban form, and the main reason I am not fully satisfied is because I am not a big fan of those parking decks that are very visible and stand at similar height with the main structure. The Hue, and 222 Glenwood are good examples of what I am talking about. Have you seen the 12-story version of 222 Glenwood? To me, that was a better concept, at least in terms of hiding the parking deck a little better.

    On the other side of the spectrum stands The Edison, which, if built as envisioned, will be an excellent model of how we should use our downtown space. Granted, transitional areas have to slowly get shorter, in order not to overwhelm existing low-rise neighborhoods, but the location of The Edison is not one of them, in my opinion. As for the design, One Glenwood’s leaked renderings show a truly nice architectural style that we are missing here in Raleigh. The 28-story version of The Hillsborough was also excellent.

    Anyway, I am more satisfied than I sound. In the urban forums you will find far more outspoken critics than me. Sometimes we pick on the negatives to discuss, but believe me, I am more satisfied that you think. Sorry if my “complaining” gave you a different impression.

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