The Tucker Construction Update

The Tucker apartment complex has been moving right along all last year. The end isn’t quite near but if the current pace continues, it may be safe to assume that it will be open this year. More rental units in downtown will help raise the density of the area. Glenwood South is about to get a nice little boost once the place fills up. This is perfect timing for all the law students that want to walk to class once Hillsborough Place opens this fall.

See the construction site before construction started.

Common area with sidewalk access

The Tucker Construction Update

Two cranes are being used to build what will be the largest apartment building in downtown Raleigh, The Tucker. The renderings on the website suggest that the building will have 3-5 floors depending on which corner you are on. This fits in well with the surrounding houses and shorter buildings. The floor plans also suggest that there will be no ground floor retail, rather apartment units that have sidewalk entrances. Last I heard The Tucker would open up in two phases with the first coming in summer 2009.


The parking deck will be hidden behind the building.

Leisure Aquatic Features Coming to Downtown [UPDATE: 6-11-08]

It’s been a slow news week but RalCon strives to keep posting as much as possible. Pictures have massively been lacking but we can make it through the slump. Some travel plans over this summer have pushed back my purchase of a new camera. Once I get it, you’ll be begging for me to stop posting pictures. Until then we can still discuss other topics.

Summer is here and you can start to really feel the heat. This only means that it is time to relax from all of that stress at work by chilling next to a pool.(besides relaxing by reading a RalCon post while at work, right?) I hope most of you like to hang out by a pool as much as I do but this amenity is hard to come by when being in downtown. I decided to go through a running list of the aquatic features currently open or being built downtown.

RBC Plaza

Up high on the 23rd floor, this pool should be a very cool feature for people living in RBC Centura’s national HQ’s building. Tenants on the south side of the building will be able to look over their balconies at people getting or trying to get tan. High diving from your balcony is not recommended. Coming summer of 2008.

The Tucker

With the lower priced condos at this Glenwood South project, the pool will be covered with kids out of college, enjoying life out of school and less responsibility on the weekends. I may have too much fun if I lived here with a pool and Glenwood down the street. Coming summer of 2009.

West at North

Another Glenwood South project. This pool is 16 stories up above; you guessed it, West and North Street. Even though I vote this building to have the most unoriginal name in downtown, it earns pretty high marks and I’m excited about it being built. This may be the hardest pool to get to, if you do not know someone living there. Anyone? Coming late 2008

The Paramount
I have always had a hard time finding any information about the Paramount. The high prices just don’t work with me, I guess that is what it is. Anyway, I have to link it over to Raleighing for a tour of the building and pics of their pool.

The Lafayette Boutique Hotel

I have not found any concrete plans for this building or the rooftop bar/restaurant planned for this high-rise hotel. The pool is rumored to be a part of it and this rendering came out sometime last year. I think it will easily have the best view of Raleigh……if it ever gets built.

The Raleigh Municipal Fountain

This little oasis is probably the most accessible of them all and is downtown’s only hot tub. Some have criticized its small size but it is not the size of the pool that matters. It’s the rushing waterfall that massages out my arms from lifting too many pints at the flying saucer. Open daily.

[UPDATE: 10-18-07]
The Hue

This cozy little pool will be wrapped on three sides by 7 floors of condos. To finish it of is a nice parking deck. Oh well, better than nothing.

[UPDATE: 6-11-08]

222 Glenwood

This post is just plain fun to update. Here is a new image from the 222 Glenwood pool. It looks pretty slick and the squares on the parking deck wall are a nice touch.

Thanks, Ashton!

The Lofts NOT at Glenwood South

712 Tucker, discussed here, has now become ‘The Lofts at Glenwood South’. I had forgotten about this project so I went out last night to see the situation for myself. There is a reason this project has been quiet; nothing has been built. The old warehouse that stood in this spot, unused, has been demolished and cleared out, shown in the pic posted. My realtor mentioned that the developer here had some money problems and it has stalled The Lofts’ construction. Will it ever be built? Who knows. I thought it was a great idea to bring rental units to downtown, especially two blocks away from Glenwood South.

With the Peace Street Streetscape Project being done just down the street, this empty lot will slowly become more valuable. Perhaps someone will step in and build taller.

Demolition occurring at 712 Tucker

The Raleigh Chronicle is reporting that there are warning signs placed at the future site of the 712 Tucker project about demolition taking place.

An entire city block just off of Glenwood Avenue where the Raleigh Office Supply used to be located will be demolished soon.

The large brick structure will be torn down along with another smaller office building on the other end to make way for new luxury condominiums to be built this summer called 712 Tucker Street Luxury Condos.


A large green fence held in place by sandbags has already been erected at the site and signs warning of the impending demolition have already been posted. According to people at the site, the fence has been in place for about two weeks and workers have been busy removing materials from the warehouse already.

If the Raleigh Office Supply warehouse has any sentimental value to you, then you better get down there and say goodbye before it vanishes. Check the bird-vision for its location.