The Tucker Construction Update

Two cranes are being used to build what will be the largest apartment building in downtown Raleigh, The Tucker. The renderings on the website suggest that the building will have 3-5 floors depending on which corner you are on. This fits in well with the surrounding houses and shorter buildings. The floor plans also suggest that there will be no ground floor retail, rather apartment units that have sidewalk entrances. Last I heard The Tucker would open up in two phases with the first coming in summer 2009.


The parking deck will be hidden behind the building.

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  1. Why was this project approved without retail? This does not follow the city council, Mitch Silver, DRA, downtown Raleigh guidelines for all future development. Another wasted opportunity and inactive block of downtown Raleigh.

  2. ^My guess is that, as the post says, it is because it will have units that open up onto the sidewalk.
    The goal in urban environments isn’t always to have mixed use…particularly if you are off of a main drag. If this had been build on Glenwood or Peace, then it’d be a different thing, IMO. But since it’s on a side street, and they ARE having units open up onto the sidewalk, then they are still contributing to the urban goals of 1) density and 2) pedestrian-friendliness. So I can’t fault them on this one.

    Let’s also remember this was originally going to be another condo. Fortunately when the economy started to sour, the developer did not pull out of the project…and instead just changed the plan to be an apartment complex. Which downtown Raleigh definitely needs more. I say kudos to them for that!

  3. The developer did the right thing by sticking around instead of bailing out. The rental market is definitely under-served, particularly when it comes to newer buildings, with amenities. Not everyone may be interested in a swimming pool, but why only residents of condo buildings having access to such a great option.

    While I do want to see more retail in downtown, I think that overloading this area with store fronts isn’t going to serve us well. We need retail destinations where and when it makes sense. Let’s keep in mind that the nearby residents could have been a negative factor, too… Maybe the developer had early signs of unwillingness to accept more retail in that area. This is strictly a speculation on my part, and quite frankly I doubt that any opposition was brought forth, but you never know what kind of feedback the developer received during the early phases.

  4. I wouldn’t say this is a wasted opportunity really and who is to say that it will be inactive. Units on the ground floor will open up to the street, so you will have activity in that respect. You can’t have retail everywhere.

  5. Great location for Downtown Apts. It looks like the Parking Deck will be bigger than the Apartment Building. If that’s the case, the developer should charge for parking to the folks coming to Glenwood South.

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