The Gramercy Construction Update

Corner of North and Boylan

Corner of North and Boylan

Along North Street in Glenwood South, the apartment project The Gramercy is really taking shape. There will be over 200 units here and atypical of most four-sided apartment buildings that we’ve seen, the parking deck and interior courtyard have a slightly different layout.

It looks like the main courtyard will be open to North Street about mid-block and the parking deck will take up some of the first and most of the second floor. Living units are mostly on the third and upper floors.

Corner of North and Boylan

Retail spaces on the ground floor face Glenwood Avenue and wrap around down North Street but not for the entire block.

There is still a lot of work to do here so we’ll keep watching this project go up.

Corner of North and Glenwood

Corner of North and Glenwood

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  1. @ Leo

    Thank you so very much for the continued awesome coverage and great pictures of our up and coming downtown. You continue to do us proud! ?

  2. Hopefully the storefront on Glenwood will be retail and not more restaurants. The space is quite large and could hold a nice sized tenant.

  3. I echo Robert’s sentiment. I know there is more appreciation among regular readers of your blog for your hard work than you tend to get wind of.

    Speaking for myself: I really appreciate these updates, your excitement about Raleigh’s development, and your nuanced and thoughtful manner when dissecting the local issues as they play out. You are a lifeline to those of us who are less-informed. If I ever happen to meet you out and about, drinks are on me!

  4. I second Robert and Mitch’s sentiments. Keeping this blog up-to-date and informative is a lot of hard work, and there’s a lot to keep up with these days, which I think most of us are happy about!

  5. Leo, I don’t comment much but do check in from time to time for the wonderful and informed updates you provide to us. Mitch hit the nail on the head because this is one of, if not the best site for getting in the know about Raleigh and the projects going on around us. It’s amazing to me how much you do and keep up with for all of your readers. Keep up the good work my friend, and since I’m pretty sure I haven’t said it yet THANK YOU so much for sharing your knowledge, and being so committed to the past, present, and future of this ever growing city!

  6. Not to beat a dead horse, but I agree with everyone above and I would dare say this is THE best source for all downtown Raleigh activity and development coverage. Been an avid reader for 5 or more years (lost count) and this has been my way of watching my favorite/home city grow and flourish since I’ve moved to Greenville for ECU (3 years ago).

    Also, I can’t wait to see the finished height of this project so we can see how this effects Glenwood south on that aspect.

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