Rezoning Approved for Kane Realty’s The Dillon

Latest rendering of The Dillon.

Latest rendering of The Dillon. Click for larger.

A quick one today just to tie up loose ends. At this week’s city council meeting, the rezoning needed for The Dillon project to move forward was approved. It’s expected that the development will include a mix of office and residential on top of ground floor retail.

It also wasn’t very hard to predict that the city would look to this Kane Realty project as a way to infuse more parking into the area. It was a major gap seen for the nearby Union Station. Public comments about this parking project will take place in October.

This wraps up all four major rezoning requests for the year, something I highlighted back in January. 2016 could see multiple cranes in the sky at once.

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  1. Great news! Thanks for the update. Glad to hear about the parking, but I think how it gets built into the project will say more about JK then anything…

  2. The guy has made a killing at NH’s so the fact that he wants a piece of DT has to be a good sign, right?

  3. Finally some life just west of Fayetville street.Looking forward to seeing cranes up and building.But for the life of me why stop at just 20 stories tall, Raleigh is capable of building towers as tall as 30 plus.But that’s my two cents, overall it will be a welcome addition to Downtown once Kane builds these towers.

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