The Tucker Construction Update

The Tucker apartment complex has been moving right along all last year. The end isn’t quite near but if the current pace continues, it may be safe to assume that it will be open this year. More rental units in downtown will help raise the density of the area. Glenwood South is about to get a nice little boost once the place fills up. This is perfect timing for all the law students that want to walk to class once Hillsborough Place opens this fall.

See the construction site before construction started.

Common area with sidewalk access

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  1. I agree with your observation on the Law School students. Good timing!!! As for the project itself, I am happy to see it moving along. It seemed to be slow to take off, but once they built the first floor things moved VERY fast. I wish they had built 4-5 brownstones along St Mary’s, instead, but I am happy just they way it is.

  2. I’m glad this project is continuing to progress well. Even with the recession, there’s still a strong market in downtown for reasonably-priced apartments/rentals even if the luxury condo market slows.

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