Powerhouse Plaza Site

Powerhouse Plaza has not been talked about much but the site for this new Glenwood South hotel is now being fenced off. A couple small houses and buildings will be demolished to make way for the hotel, which helps my theory that West St. will become a building corridor and actually contain more density then Glenwood Ave. West St. is important because it is more pedestrian friendly when making trips towards Fayetteville St.

This house will soon be getting a much larger neighbor.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. While I will miss that yellow building – looked funny, in a way – I am glad to see this project getting under way. Of course, I will not cheer until it is finished. Let’s recall The Hillsborough, as an example. On the other hand, the developer of Powerhouse Plaza is pretty solid and the financing is already in place. Can’t wait to see some activity there :)

  2. There was a bit in the paper today about this site. Looks like it has also been hit by the economic downturn.

    They did say that the demolition was about to start but once that was done that there wouldn’t be any other movement on the site.

  3. ^Ugh. Not good news at all. I hate it when demolition is done and the they just leave the site bare, like the Reynolds site.

  4. A sign with a rendering and a little info was placed at the site. I do not expect to see a ground-breaking ceremony any time soon, but I surely hope this project moves forward while I am still vertical :LOL: All they need to lease is 100,000sf of office space. It can’t be that hard, as I know there are companies that look for contigious space in DT Raleigh and can’t find enough.

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