The Great Wall of Raleigh

There are two projects to discuss here. The Wake County parking deck looks very close to being complete. The L office building that will wrap the front of this deck has not started yet, leaving a nice big gray wall. The plan was for ground floor retail with office space above. I did notice something interesting here; the sidewalks are being paved. If there is still work to be done on the outside then why are the sidewalks being laid out?

The future

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  1. What an ugly building. Let me guess, it will sit like this for a long time (do not want to hear about the economy, they started the building with the money in hand).

    If Empire is associated with this project, it will be a joke! Enough said.

  2. Whoa! You were serious about there being a lot more picture updates when you got back in town! This is fantastic!

    Anyway, OT, I really do hope they stick with the original plan for retail with this building. Lord knows we need to push to get more retail space in DT Raleigh. However, it does make me wonder if those spots will become sitting ducks for a year or two considering the vacancy on the ground retail spots at RBC Plaza, the new parking deck (between the future Edison buildings), the possible restaurant space under Alter Ego, The Sandwich Shop, etc. It saddens me to see so many empty spaces in DT Raleigh.

    However, not to sound so depressed and down, it is nice to see that there are some new things in DT, such as Sitti, Alter Ego, Jibarra, etc.

  3. The final product will look much better than the renderings, but I can’t help feeling disappointed at the way the county leaders handled this parcel :( This was yet-another lost opportunity for something bigger and taller. Ground level retail (maybe 2 stories of retail), with a parking deck (done in a similar fashion with RBC Plaza) and a mixed-use tower above would have been ideal. As is, this project is very complex and the price tag will reveal that. Wrapping a building around a parking deck is not exactly easy, or cheap.

  4. There is a lot of retail space coming or currently available. It seems that they are not being filled up but we should continue to push for it in new projects. I feel that downtown still has not hit that point where traffic or residents reach a critical mass and then retail spaces will become very competitive.

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