Hue Showing Color

The Hue is moving along just fine. There is a ton of scaffolding on the exterior but one side is starting to show the yellow/blue/gray colors that will cover the building. The ground floor retail space is a big welcome to this area. The parking deck looks complete so can we call a 2009 completion date? Maybe.

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  1. I am definitely happy to see the Hue moving along fast. It will add both a significant number of residents and will bring some urbanity to Nash Square – a very important element as we try to connect the CBD with the Warehouse District and Glenwood South. I am a bit disappointed because I was hoping to see something MUCH taller on that parcel, but right now it is too late for this.

    Thanks for the photos, Leo!!!

  2. Yep, the exterior coloring is going to be very bright and vibrant! Hue is planning on a May 2009 completion and will begin scheduling closings then. We’ve got a couple units that were finished early and can be toured. This is definitely an exciting addition to our Warehouse Distict!

  3. I kind of wish that instead of the gray they’d do red. If you’re going vibrant, might as well go full on seizure city. :)

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. Any idea what retail stores will house the ground level of the HUE? Street level retail is greatly needed to add life and revenue to downtown that coupled with resisdence projects, like the Hue, Edison, RBC and Tucker just to name a few, with full occupancy. These components will breath new life and new growth to the city.

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