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Nash Square is getting new benches and a few other things.

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  1. I welcome any improvements to Nash Square. I hope more new developments come to this area in the nearest future, and not just public safety centers. The N&O block can be a HUGE opportunity for something similar to The Edison ;)

  2. Nash Park is such a gorgeous park; it is great that it will have new benches. And better still is becoming dog friendly. All the Hue buyers will appreciate that!

  3. The city originally budgeted major improvements for both Nash and Moore square. At the last minute they decided to drop all funding for Moore square and instead just do Nash square. Nash doesn’t get much use compared to Moore square. Moore square has something like 5 or 6 usable benches whereas Nash has over 30.

    Wonder why Nash (across from city hall) is getting all the improvements and Moore (across from homeless soup kitchen) receives none???

  4. ^My guess is people see more of Nash due to busier streets (Dawson & McDowell) going by it…plus City Hall faces it.

    But yes, it is a shame Moore Square isn’t getting help. I guess the benches there are fine, I just wish they could work more on the landscaping…too much bare dirt! I can’t help but think if Moore was spruced up a little more, people would have a better image of it and not mind the soup kitchen so much.

  5. Good observation, RaleighRob… Moore Square deserves more. I would think that all those events (i.e. live music) would have to be relocated, or modify the square to accommodate them, otherwise there is a chance that much of the landscaping could be “ruined”. When you have hundreds, or even thousands of people attending events within a day, it is hard to maintain the square. Also, I think it is VERY important that the area around the square gets some additional residential projects, thus increasing the tax base. Nash Square, besides being across from the City Hall, has Park Devereaux, Dawson and soon The Hue to thank for the increased interest. The more people living nearby, the easier to justify spending on improvements, IMHO.

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