Hue Showing Life

WRAL has an article on the new Hue condos being built at Dawson and Hargett St. The Hue is the most dense condo project yet for downtown and the prices start in the $160’s. Let’s hope they will stick to that selling point because I can easily think of one person that is interested. Check out the website for the project; it has been updated.

If all goes as planned, people will be living in more than 200 condos at The Hue, at 400 S. Dawson St., by spring of 2009. Developers said these condos will help make downtown more affordable. Prices at The Hue are about 57 percent less than the average downtown condo price.
“Initially, in most downtowns, you see the higher end stuff being developed first because the developers are uncertain whether the market is there,” said David Diaz, director of Downtown Raleigh Alliance.
“Our goal is to make the downtown a 24-hour downtown, and in order to do that you need a lot of people living downtown,” Diaz said.

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