Demolition occurring at 712 Tucker

The Raleigh Chronicle is reporting that there are warning signs placed at the future site of the 712 Tucker project about demolition taking place.

An entire city block just off of Glenwood Avenue where the Raleigh Office Supply used to be located will be demolished soon.

The large brick structure will be torn down along with another smaller office building on the other end to make way for new luxury condominiums to be built this summer called 712 Tucker Street Luxury Condos.


A large green fence held in place by sandbags has already been erected at the site and signs warning of the impending demolition have already been posted. According to people at the site, the fence has been in place for about two weeks and workers have been busy removing materials from the warehouse already.

If the Raleigh Office Supply warehouse has any sentimental value to you, then you better get down there and say goodbye before it vanishes. Check the bird-vision for its location.


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