630 North sneaks up on us

This project has been a little under the radar and I keep forgetting about it. It seems that the 630 North website has posted a rough schedule of events. It says that the groundbreaking will occur in June of this year, with the building being completed in the fall of 2008.

This ten-story, mixed-use building will have a parking deck for its offices and condos on the upper floors. There is no on street retail, which I think is disappointing. However, most of the foot traffic in the area will be on Glenwood, which will work out in the near future. If the area continues to grow and develop, then I think it is possible to turn the ground floor space into some kind of shop for the local residents.

Overall, I like this project and it adds some good infill to downtown and the Glenwood South area. Also, no one should feel bad about the church that’s getting demolished in order to build this building. I think they came out pretty well in the end.

Where’s at?

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