The Tucker Crane Arrives

The Tucker is finally showing some real life and a crane has appeared at the construction site. Last I heard, phase I was supposed to open in summer of 2009, with the entire project complete a year later.

Thanks, Ashton!

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  1. It was about time!!! Lovely, simply lovely!!! Can’t wait to see more of these babies – although taller – all over downtown :)

  2. This is great. This project is definitely sorely needed. The best way to get foot traffic downtown is not luxury condos for the elite, but real apartments for real, average, everyday people. Glad to see this moving forward!

  3. Perhaps this will be a good location for Campbell Law Students to live. It’s within very easy walking distance of Hillsborough St. Any word on the rent at this place?

  4. Yes, I’m sure this will become a prime target for Campbell Law students to live in. The supply of apartments downtown is pathetic.

    I would not be surprised if prices were similar to those over at Oberlin Court

  5. It would almost be silly to think they would be anything lower than Oberlin Court – as you can actually get somewhere walking from Tucker Street.

    What I think will be most interesting is that as it stands, most places at Oberlin Court are already more expensive than condo rentals. So, if The Tucker comes in – more expensive than Oberlin Court, and thereby more expensive than most existing condos owned by investors – will we really be adding Grad student type housing?

    I suppose we’ll have to see…

  6. Let’s hope not. I think Oberlin Court’s managers have an inflated sense of value for that place. If Tucker is anywhere near as overpriced as that, it’d be a bad thing for downtown, not good!
    My guess is that if they don’t over-do the extravagant luxuries and keep it more basic, then it’ll be a better deal.

    In the meantime, thank goodness I found a vacancy at Boylan Apts. LOL

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