Downtown Raleigh Construction Projects To Watch In 2011

2010 did not have a lot of new construction taking place so the development fanboys might be disappointed. 2011 may surprise us, or it may not. Either way, let’s go into the new year with a list of what action there is to follow.

AIANC Center for Architecture and Design

Rendering of the new AIANC Headquarters

Groundbreaking, shown above, has already occurred for the Center for Architecture and Design. This building from the American Institute of Architects North Carolina Chapter will incorporate many sustainable design features and will seek a LEED Platinum level certification, the highest such level.

The building should be finished late this year. To see and read more about the building:

– Update page for the AIANC Center for Architecture and Design
In North Carolina, a Gutsy Move :

Contemporary Art Museum

The Contemporary Art Musem (CAM) will be open on April 30th, 2011. This project has seen steady work throughout 2010 and will finally be finished in a few months.

CAM website

Justice Center

The massive Wake County Justice Center with its triple crane action has been discussed a lot on this site. We will see work taking place here all year. Completion is planned for the summer of 2013.

Project website

Green Square

Just like the Justice Center, Green Square has also been under construction all of last year and will continue through 2011. A combination of offices and the Nature Research Center will most likely open in 2012.

Green Square website [Update: Broken link]

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  1. Isn’t that big development that’s supposed to go at the Morgan/Hillsborough/Ashe intersection going to start in 2011?

    Also the Glenwood South Hampton Inn should be starting this year too.

  2. The NC SECU Building also broke ground, although its progress may appear slow due to Green Square’s South and East elevations needing to be completed. The foundation is pretty much done and I think that in 2011 the building will top out. Let’s keep in mind that this project is independent of Green Square, but I have not found an official website for it yet.

    Overall, 2010 wasn’t very bad when it came to construction, IMO.

  3. I am excited to see the giant “earth” art/entrance piece of green square come to life. Don’t know why, but it should be cool based on all of the renderings.

    I also generally hope downtown adds more art, fountains, improves parks, etc.

    Isn’t Moore Square supposed to be re-developed this year too? Or are they just going to have 100 more public meetings on the space?

  4. hackles10, I’m on the Public Leadership Group for the Moore Square redevelopment. Currently, the draft master plan is being drawn up and should go before the city council sometime this year. If approved, we’ll move on to the construction piece of the project. Its anyone’s guess but I wouldn’t expect to see any dirt moving this year.

  5. Cool Leo! Thanks for the update! I think the redevelopment of that park can do a lot for downtown.

  6. A bit off topic, but since Moore Square was mentioned let me say that I love the concept of smaller squares scattered around the city, much like DT Savannah’s plazas/squares. They create a sense of neighborhood and offer small gathering places – they are easy to “patrol”, too.

  7. hackles10,

    Thanks for the SECU link. WOW, it only took downtown Raleigh 20 years for a different look (and slightly a different building outline/look). That area of town needs height, this building is a good start (ALL future buildings should be taller than SECU and taller than the last)

    I saw the Glenwood One building video on the architects web site, great looking building (other than the top, not original). Does anyone know what the timeline is for this building?

    Also,any news on the building/hotel/parking deck across from 42nd Street Oyster Bar?

  8. They cleared the land, but I don’t think Ernest and others have been too positive about Powerhouse Plaza lifting off anytime soon. I think thats a great, well sized project for that area, and along with Charter square its a very important mid-sized building for downtown raleigh’s progression.

  9. Also, Hillsborough Street has two very important pending projects as well. The mixed use development by Jackpot/Ihop/Morgan st. roundabout should help that area a ton, and there is still something planned for the Raleighwood dirt pile land across from Cup A Joe. (potentially student apartments/mixed use) I remember seeing some impressive plans a year or so ago.

  10. Does anyone know what is being built on Lenoir Street a little west of the overpass for Western Blvd? There seems to be a very nice stone wall being built, and I’ve been trying to figure out what they were going to build inside the wall, if anything.

  11. Progress Energy is building a new substation along Lenoir, adjacent to the railroad tacks… its really too bad because it was a prime site for any number of possibilities

  12. Update on Glenwood South Rooftop Ale House – demolition to start this summer, opening next spring.

    Also, Tyler’s Taproom in Seaboard Station is definitely next to 18 Seaboard in the same building, and construction is progressing very well. A few more months till that opens…

  13. Jeff, thanks for the update. I am looking forward to this project because it will transform that corner significantly. I am tired of looking at an underutilized building, although I wish they had enough room – and need – to make it 5-6 stories instead ;) With the addition of Hampton Inn and the two apartment buildings, there should be enough new residents to support the new businesses.

  14. With the ale house, hotel, and apartments, Glenwood South is going to look quite different. With any luck, it will actually look like the busy hub that it is. I remember the first time going there I thought it was a bad area of town…rundown and deserted. ;-)

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