Wake County Justice Center Opens Today

Wake County Justice Center

Today, the Wake County Justice Center officially opens. If you’re nearby, you can catch the ribbon cutting at 11am and parts of the building are open for public viewing following it. This building will greatly compliment the Wake County Courthouse, helping to offload a lot of activity that takes place there. They say the building was planned for growth, with an entire unfinished floor in case it’s needed for more services down the road.

I like to do this with projects when I can. Here’s a photo of the same Martin/McDowell Street corner, shown in the photo above, but in February 2008.

Corner of Martin and McDowell Streets

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  1. So will they eventually tear down the old courthouse? That is a prime piece of real estate. What is the point of holding onto it?

  2. The new building is basically an expansion not a replacement. According to the N&O: “The courthouse will be home to civil and family courts, juvenile services, and estates and wills, while the criminal court system and many county administrative functions will move to the Justice Center.”

    Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/06/29/2998863/new-wake-justice-center-has-the.html#storylink=cpy

    If there is a little bit of excess space after the new building opens, there is very little doubt that we will eventually need it as Wake’s population continues to grow.

    Figures they would open today. I had to go to traffic court last Friday in the old building. The layout was odd. I have to go back again later this month; I wonder how the new building will compare.

  3. Apparently when the land was donated to wake county it was put in the deal that if the land was ever used as something other than a courthouse it would be returned to the original family.

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