Pop-Up Ice Cream Parlour Sets Up Shop Through August 31

Pop-Up Ice Cream Parlour

A new ice cream shop with the simple name of Pop-Up Ice Cream Parlour is now open on the 100 block of South Wilmington Street. The owners only have a lease through August so make sure and enjoy it on a hot day this summer. Opening hours are:

  • Sun-Thu – 12-10pm
  • Fri/Sat – 12-11pm

I read that the owners want to see how the concept works before possibly opening up a permanent location.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. We went last Saturday. It was full of people but not so busy you had to wait or couldn’t sit down. The ice cream sundae I had was delicious, $4.95, and the people were super friendly. I’ll be back this weekend.

  2. I’ve been a couple of times. Love the concept and the design of the place. Very nice people running it as well. They are definitely looking for a permanent location. They told me they’d love it if they could stay where they are. Depending on how profitable they become they may be able to. But they’re definitely looking around downtown.

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