Downtown Raleigh Ice Cream Roundup

Alright people, we still have about two months before Fall starts and there’s bound to be some more hot weekends until then. Staying cool in the shade or in the air conditioning is a must but for those that still go out to enjoy downtown Raleigh during the warm nights and sunny days, ice cream makes a great treat. As a slight addict, I give you a list of some places in downtown to treat yourself.

Turkish Delights

Located in a purple house in Glenwood South, Turkish Delights serves a ton of flavors of ice cream. You can sit on the couches inside or the shaded tables in the front lawn. There are also many different types of Baklava here. The best part about Turkish Delights? They are open late.

Google map location

Summer Business Hours
(April, 1st – October, 31 st.)
Sunday – Thursday: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 12:00 mid.
Hours change slightly in the winter.


Is Crema an ice cream or coffee shop? Who cares cause they have both. You’ll usually hear jazz playing over the satellite radio in this shop on Fayetteville Street. With lots of flavors of ice cream, Crema can make some wonderful combos for you to take on a walk through town.

Google map location

Mon-Thurs (7 am-7 pm)
Fri (7 am-10 pm)
Sat (10 am-10 pm)
Sun (11 am-5 pm)

Other places to get cold, awesome treats

The Diner has all kinds of shakes, floats, and sundaes. Enjoy them on their spacious outdoor patio.

Krispy Kreme has a doughnut/ice cream combo that looks very interesting. Anyone tried this?

Milkshakes from Char Grill is a tradition. Dipping fries into them is an experience,

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  1. I’ll note that Crema not only has ice cream, but also frozen yogurt. Their mixtures are incredible too….cheesecake & oreos mixed into chocolate is my favorite by far! ;-) Their hours, though, makes it difficult to visit often, I’m afraid.

    Turkish Delights gets an extra star for their late hours. And I like the combo of baklava and ice cream….they even offer a baklava sundae! (I admit I haven’t been there with an appetite huge enough to try it though.)

    Locopops on Hillsborough isn’t really downtown but I guess you can consider it in the “urban vicinity”. And they now offer ice cream & sorbet pints to go.

    Now if only someone would open up a gelato place downtown. If in a high foot-traffic area, I bet it would do quite well!

  2. Does the Capital Ice Market and Grill have any frozen treats?

    Also, You have Goodberrys, and Baskin Robbins in Cameron Village.

    What about the Pharmacy by KK?

  3. Person Street Pharmacy? I’ve heard they have good milkshakes and if that’s true, a special trip is in order. Unlike most places mentioned, their hours are tough to work with, closes at 6pm during the week and open 9-2 on Sat. Closed Sunday.

  4. I’ve had the donut sundae at KK, and it’s very good. A little pricey ($4?), but you get a ‘hot now’ donut with ‘cool kreme’ on top and chocolate drizzle w/ optional toppings. The combo of the hot donut getting crispy in cool soft serve is interesting and delicious on a hot day.

    Also, I love the espresso shake (I think that’s what it’s called) at Crema. Vanilla shake w/ a shot of espresso. Crema has dark chocolate chips too which are very good in a shake or sundae.

    But my favorite ice cream place is Escazu on Blount St. near Peace College. They have these amazing ‘push up’s’ and that ice cream is superior imho.

  5. I’ll have to try the espresso shake at Crema. Currently, my favorite shake anywhere in town is the vanilla chai shake at Port City Java. I am going to have to upgrade to the larger serving because my kids usually end up drinking most of it.

  6. I’m not sure how Turkish Delights stays in business. I’ve never been in there with another customer in there at the same time.

  7. chickenfoot, I was there last Friday and all the tables on the lawn had people around them, there was a couple on the porch and a family inside the door. We saw a steady stream of people order ice cream as we sat on the couches inside. Maybe you’re an off-hours kind of customer :)

  8. “Does the Capital Ice Market and Grill have any frozen treats?”

    If memory serves my correctly, they have shakes. I can’t say I was entirely impressed wit the chocolate shake (just vanilla with syrup) – again, that’s if I’m remembering it correctly.

    Worth a stop though if you add on the french fries and veggie soup (in the winter)!

  9. I love Rita’s custard, the gellati with Mango and vanilla is my favorite, I’ve never been to Turkish Delights or Crema so I’ll have to check it out. For all of you who have never had Rita’s and don’t know what your missin, a local daily deals site is running a deal for a penny…here’s the link, I think it runs through the weekend.

    Anyway, happy ice creaming as we role into the cold winter months, bon apetito.

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