Were You At Hopscotch This Weekend?

Did you hear about the Hopscotch Music Festival that took place in Raleigh this weekend? I was out each night for lots of club shows and overheard a few people that were out of the loop and could not get into places because they were not part of the event. Woops. Although I’m sure that happens everywhere.

Anyway, I want to thank Jake Seaton at the MyNC Music blog for letting me take photos during the event. See the links below for my photos and I’m sure this week, more and more will pop up on the various blogs and your other sources of triangle coverage.

Oh Snap: Hopscotch Night 1 — dtraleigh.com
Oh Snap: Hopscotch Night 2 — dtraleigh.com
Oh Snap: Hopscotch Night 3 — dtraleigh.com

So now that the fantastic event is over, here’s looking forward to it again next year.

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  1. I myself didn’t go as I’m not into indy-rock or hiphop. But we did have some issues trying to go to La Volta friday night and some bouncer/security dude wouldn’t let us up the sidewalk cuz we didn’t have tickets or whatever, as some big concert was going on in City Plaza. I understand the restaurant lost a huge amount of business because of this. I’m all for music festivals downtown, but they cannot continue to block access for us wanting to patronize downtown businesses.

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