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I posted the concept plan for the Moore Square Redesign over at The Raleigh DLA site. This was the one that was used during the public workshops last week. Jump over and click the image for the full view.

Moore Square Concept Plan Released – Raleigh DLA

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  1. Just like the planned water feature and art for the convention center that never happened (please don’t bring up sponsors, this city should be installing art and water features on AL new projects).

    Where is the water feature and art in the park plan?

    P.S. Went to pick up a business associate at the Marriott downtown, GET RID OF THE FARMERS MARKET IN THE MIDDLE OF F STREET (had to go around the block for access to the Marriott entrance). This nonsense during the week, in the middle of the street is NOT needed. Put it in Moore Square, Nash Square or Raleigh Memorial (there are enough surface lots to use instead of re-directing traffic)

  2. Would like to echo “Thomas” on the lack of a water feature in the Moore Square Plan. IMO, a park or plaza design that is missing a major water feature can only rate maybe 5 on a scale of 10!

    On getting rid of Farmer’s Market from Fayettville Street – I would favor keepig it there City Plaza is designed for occasional pedestrian-access-only events, and it works pretty smoothly.

    “Raleigh Bob” brought up an interesting episode where he was trying to reach the Volta on the Plaza during a Hopscotch and was blocked by a security detail. My wife and I wandered through the Hopscotch ticket station without incident, despite lacking armbands. The volunteer workers seemed unsure about what to do with us, but since we didn’t seem interested in the concert, they let us pass without intervention. Maybe they need to set up their perimeter gates to allow for pedestrian access to businesses along the sides of Fayettville Street.

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