Salisbury Street Bicycle Lane

I stumbled upon this new bicycle lane on Salisbury Street yesterday. The lane goes from Peace to Lane Street which, right now, is not much but the Green Square construction kind of gets in the way. In the end, the bicycle lane should continue south down Salisbury and end at Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

This is the beginning of some of the priority bicycle lanes that will be installed around Raleigh and you can see the plans at

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  1. Leo: Thanks for noticing! We have a separate project planned to install bike markings on the entire Salisbury/Wilmington loop, which we hope to have completed by late 2011/early 2012. We also have bike marking projects planned for portions of Hargett Street and Cabarrus Street on the same timeframe.

  2. Eric, thanks for the update and keep up the great work. I’m excited to see these lanes rolled out and to have this network in downtown Raleigh.

  3. How does one exit the bike lanes properly to the left and right? I still haven’t figured out how these are beneficial to the biker. It seems they are more for drivers – so that they can claim not to have to worry about the bikers since they now have their own lanes.

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