Walkways and Seating Coming To The Moore Square Bus Station

I have seen this work going on at the Moore Square bus station for a few weeks now but it was only today that I noticed the signs around the construction fencing. They say that new lighting, walkways, and seating will be put into this area.

As someone who walks here a few times a week to ride, the added room is welcome. At certain times of the day, the sidewalks are jammed with people. Hopefully this is one of many future additions that Raleigh’s central transit station should have in place.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. this and the upcoming Moore Square cleanup is a long needed change….there seems to always be some crime going on at the Moore Square area on a weekly basis

    i have personally witnessed a couple of beatings in that area within the past month, one that scared me so much that I now avoid walking to the Moore Square area, esp the park and bus station

    i hope the city takes more steps in cleaning up crime in the downtown area

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