Pic of the Week

The Hampton Inn in Glenwood South is now open. For the almost six years that this blog has been running, this is the second hotel opening I’ve seen, the Fayetteville Street Marriott being the first. The next hotel to look out for is a possible Residence Inn on Salisbury Street built near the convention center. […]

Pic of the Week

The Hampton Inn on Glenwood Avenue is taking shape. Expect an opening this winter.

Glenwood South Hampton Inn Ready For Construction, Pics

Here at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Johnson Street demolition occurred to make way for a future Hampton Inn hotel in downtown Raleigh. We saw pictures of that about two weeks ago and now the slate is clean for the hotel to be built. Take in the openness as this intersection will start to […]

Connoisseurs Report In, Demolition In Glenwood South

Reader Mark sent in these pictures of the demolition work taking place on Johnson Street. This destruction will make way for a new Hampton Inn hotel for Glenwood South, properly dissected in this post here. While not a visually stunning building, the hotel elevates the district’s status as now visitors can stay right on the […]

Hampton Inn Glenwood South, We Dive Into The Specs

Over the past few weeks, reports of a Hampton Inn Hotel have been reported for Glenwood South. For those that have been following real close for awhile, this is actually nothing terribly new. However, the talk of the hotel comes up again because of a site plan submitted to the city for approval. Download the […]

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