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The Glenwood South Hampton Inn under construction in July 2012.

The Hampton Inn on Glenwood Avenue is taking shape. Expect an opening this winter.

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  1. Great picture…they threw that building up fast. I always glance to the right off of Capital Blvd. on the way home to check on the progress. I imagine it won’t be long now, some stucco on the outside, and a 100+ bedroom sets and they will be open for business.

  2. One or two more floors would have given the street a different look. But again, a developer who is short sighted.

    let me guess, exterior will be an ugly stucco finish. City Council should not approve any stucco downtown, that is a suburb commercial building look. Lack of vision on our local developers again!!!!

    AGREE with Aaron: they will cut corners on Union Station like all other downtown development by local wan-a-be’s.
    This hotel is a great example for settling for minimum design, pathetic (this should have been taller, had some character and no stucco – this is suppose to be a historic district with character, this hotel NO character)!!!

  3. If you look on the left side of the building as you drive by, it appears the exterior is being finished off with brick

  4. Yeah, in the site plan (there’s a write up about it on this blog) the drawing seems to indicate it’s mostly going to be brick exterior.

  5. Brick is much better than stucco. Let’s just hope it’s not the same color brick as the building across the street. That would be rediculous!!!

  6. People who are blasting that this building will be all stucco, please look at the construction materials. There is a white vapor barrier which usually indicates a brick facing.

    This thing will be mostly brick, up to what I’m assuming is the purple section.

    Calm down everyone.

  7. I wonder when the west side of Glenwood will start to grow, I know the Gramercy is supposed to go on that side, but it seems like most of the activity is on the east side. It’ll be a weird street if the right side is all mid-rise and the left is all low-rise.

  8. Steve, I agree, there must be high rise development on West side of Glenwood or the street looks very unbalanced (it already does).

    When is a decision going to be made on the senior living center or is it a apartment building? Whatever it is, it is not the place for this facility.

    Anyone know the status of the property across from 42nd Street Oyster Bar? Another group identical to Empire, sitting on property and doing nothing for years. Get a tenant and start building or sell the propoerty to a developer who will be proactive.

  9. I wonder if it’s because the lots are generally smaller on the west side of Glenwood, therefore it’s harder to acquire enough parcels to make a big enough development. Instead we get smaller developments like Solas.

  10. @Frank I believe what you are referring to is the Powerhouse Plaza site. I think currently it has been and is being used as a staging site for the NC DENR Nature Research Center and SECU tower construction.

    I imagine after all that is done, that site will be freed up for them to develop on. It’s actually quite smart of them. Lease your site to the State of NC so that they have some place to store construction materials while they are building their projects, get some money, wait out some of the bad economy, and then build your own project.

    TLDR ~ That site is getting used right now and isn’t dead.

  11. Yeah, Powerhouse is a critical project. That area of Glenwood South, i.e the area east of the rail tracks and west of Capital is probably the area that will/should see the most growth in the next few years, assuming they do the right thing and reconnect Harrington with Peace when they build the new bridge. Already with Quorum, West, West Apartments (future) and (hopefully) Powerhouse, it’s a growing area. The Wake County General Services complex and the Greyhound bus station are big issues though, I’m not sure if they’re still planning on moving the bus station to the WYE, but it’d be great if they did.

  12. Hmmm.. Just got myself reacquainted with the Powerhouse and thought it is a nice setup, my only issue is that it’s gonna be a mid-range hotel. I know you need sufficient mid-tier hotels for success, but there also needs to be some upper levels ones too. Or at least something different.. I would suggest one of the following: if a mid-range, put a NYLO or Boutiquehotel similar to the ones in Miami… Otherwise, put a second tower on top of the proposed parking deck, connect with 2 bridges, and put either an Intercontinental Hotel, Sofitel, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, or W Hotel (Call it the W Sir Walter Raleigh or something).

    Just my opinion. Something needs to be put. It’s an excellent place to capture convention, rail, government, and business traffic. Course, it would also help if there was some sort of sporting venue in the vicinity…

  13. What is in that boarded up building to the right? That contrast between the two is jarring. Also, has there been any progress at all with the Ale House since the site plan was approved by the city earlier this year? That thing is just dragging…

  14. Very Impressive..now add more Hotels around Downtown and have some More ammeneties,then Raleigh will Start to take Shape.

  15. The blank north facade near the street leads me to believe that the city intends for a similar building on the adjacent property.

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