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Hampton Inn at Glenwood South

The Hampton Inn in Glenwood South is now open. For the almost six years that this blog has been running, this is the second hotel opening I’ve seen, the Fayetteville Street Marriott being the first. The next hotel to look out for is a possible Residence Inn on Salisbury Street built near the convention center.

By the way, this post is the 100th Pic of the Week. Woohoo!

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  1. While I’m very happy to have more rooms and choices in our hotel inventory, I get queasy when I drive up to the Glenwood-Peace intersection coming from five points. The huge font on the Hampton Inn sign looks so darn tacky.

  2. Its not a signature building, but I think it will be a great urban filler building. Its close to the street, itsn’t ugly and will last a while (an upgrade to most things built now a days) and will promote street life. A win for everyone involved.

  3. I was so happy with how much of a mid-rise profile that part of Glenwood has now, the last time I drove by. If only Ale House would open, that whole section would be a great deal more urban than when I moved here 3.5 years ago…

  4. NIce infill in that location. Best thing is that it’ll add a different set wandering around that area; should be a tiny bit of a boon and a change up from the regular faces for local eateries and bars within walking distance.

  5. An office building in the lot next to Hampton would make sense with retail on the ground level. That building with 606 on it, is out of place. That should be leveled and a signature office and/or apartment building would go nicely on that lot.
    Agree with someone, what is the status of Carolina Ale House?
    Also, any news of the lot across the street from Mellow Mushroom (where that inspection station is)? That should also be leveled and a signature high rise built there with retail on ground level (time for retail on this side of street)

  6. It’s great–we needed more hotel rooms downtown. I think the stalled Blount Street commons projects could be viable since residential stalled there—maybe some of those victorians waiting to be rehabbed can be turned into B&B’s??

    As for the logo–it’s fine. It’s about the same size as the Marriot and Clarion logos as far as I can tell.

  7. Agree with Orulz: need a high rise building where the senior living building is to balance Glenwood. That senior living facility needs to be in more of a residential area now (somewhere a couple blocks away fro,m Glenwood). A office or apartment building on that lot with retail on at least three sides would be a great fit for that whole block

  8. fwiw i’ve emailed ale house a few times over the past year with no responses. i’m worried it’s basically being shelved. the last update was in april i think when the site plan approval went to the city.

  9. Not sure it needs to be a high rise, I think a bunch of mid rises lining the west side of Glenwood would be nice, though I certainly woudln’t mind something bigger. But Glenwood Towers would probably be my last target for redevelopment considering how many people live there.

    The block across from 222 Glenwood would probably be my first target. Next would be the block from Johnson to Peace. The planned site of Gramercy is a good target too.

  10. I don’t think the Glenwood Towers are going anywhere. It’s not really essential anyway, there are plenty of better spots. A prime location is the area around West Street, which is between the rail tracks and Capital Blvd. If they build a decent bridge over Peace St, and reconfigure the street pattern, the area east of the rail tracks will be perfect for redevelopment. Wake County has some kind of facility there, but I’m sure it could be relocated. I think once the new apartments go up between Glenwood and St Mary’s, the area will look more balanced.

  11. Yes,what is the Status of the Carolina Ale House? They are moving super SLOW ! Anybody have any updates ?

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