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The North Carolina State Bar building under construction, May 2012

The North Carolina State Bar building under construction at the corner of Blount and Edenton Streets. We’ve discussed the building before. (with a rendering)

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  1. Let’s hope that this is a catalyst for more of those lots to be built up over that way. I do like the design renderings…very stately. Makes me think of DC.

  2. Yes, very nice. At least it’s a bit different. There should be an office tower on that lot right next to this building. The rest of the lot, retail, shops, apartments, offices.

    I cannot imagine that the rest of the lot will sit vacant for that long with this building going up. Downtown now needs more office towers. Downtown STILL needs a technology hub for startups. Something new and very different (from a design standpoint)

  3. I agree with Thomas, although after the fiasco with The Edison I doubt very seriously that we’ll see office towers anytime soon. Personally, I happen to like this project – judging from the rendering – and I would love to see the photo Leo posted here when the building is finished. It seems to have a nice urban form. Sure, I wish it was at least 10 floors taller, but I will settle for some decent architecture and a good urban form.

    The rest of the block deserves a little love and attention and I hope that some serious developers jump into this great opportunity. This project can work as a catalyst, if we are lucky.

  4. Didn’t the state lease the whole block to the State Bar? Do you think they will develop the rest of it?

  5. Office towers are an anachronism. They’re almost completely pointless in this day and age.

  6. Joe, I think you’re wrong. Face to face interaction is and always will be important.

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