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Construction site of Boylan Flats on Boylan Avenue

Dirt is moving at the site of Boylan Flats, the five-story, 48-unit residential building along Boylan Avenue. (615 N Boylan) From what I’ve seen out there, this development is quieter than most with no released real estate info at this point in time. (and no approval drama either)

It’ll be interesting to see the layout of the building as this five-story building sits on a 0.23 acre site. Nearby, a developer wants to put a five-story boutique hotel on a 0.36 acre site which could fit nicely given that hotels have a two-to-one hotel room to parking ratio requirement.

Five stories may not sound so bad in this area of town.

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  1. It’s frustrating that there is so little information released on this project. It must be hideous since the developer is keeping it under wraps. I can’t think of any other reason why it’s so quiet. After all, there isn’t any zoning review or neighborhood engagement required of the developer. The most recent rendering I saw a while back was really amateur in execution and quite ugly.

  2. It’s not really in a prominent location. I’m okay if it looks like all the other 5-story apartment buildings over there. Just increases the density and residents downtown, and I never have to see it. LOL

  3. I’m hoping it looks like the original 8 story condo proposal. These smaller projects are our best chance to not have an enormous canvas of Gramercy/Elan/Lincoln buildings all over town.

  4. @Jeff. I DO have to look at it. It’s across the street from my living room terrace. Thanks for your concern. ?
    @Mark. Don’t count on it. There was an scaled down version of the original design (which was really great) but the most recent photos of the “design” were nothing like it unfortunately.
    Here’s the original design: http://www.raleighmsa.com/images/projects/DowntownRaleigh/BoylanFlats/BoylanFlats-RaleighNC-8.jpg
    Here’s what I just found online but not sure if it’s accurate since it’s not linked to anything. This is the view driving up the hill on Boylan. Compared to the back side of the McDonald’s image that I saw previously, this is an improvement but I’m not holding my breath. Given how elementary the rendering is, I wonder if it’s accurate or not. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/c2/7a/e5/c27ae57164de45b735a89708681cd94f–commercial-exterior.jpg
    While this is certainly better than the standard Apts being built, it’s nowhere near the design of the original in my opinion.

  5. Haha sorry John! Those 2 renderings are interesting at least. I guess we won’t have long to wait.

  6. This is off topic, but has anyone heard any news if Drive Shack has filed for its permits to begin building in 2018 yet?

  7. The N&O put out a story yesterday on boutique hotel at 615 W. Peace St. The article mentioned that a presentation on the hotel will be made to the Hillsborough CAC this coming Thursday at 7pm … for anyone who might be interested.

  8. @john532 if you have ever seen Top Golf it’s essential the same design and idea. 3 story driving range with restaurant and bar. They are beginning to build them around the US, and Raleigh is their 3rd location, will be located next to Pnc/fairgrounds.

  9. Stew, I saw that too. Some residents are opposed because it will block their view. Sorry other property owner, you can’t build anything. Only the unobstructed view of some property owners matter. SMH. You live downtown, not on a mountaintop….

  10. unless the paramount owns air rights, TS. why should a landowner next door be denied because someone wants to look out their high-rise window but the guy next door can’t do it. Buy the air rights like other cities and you can control your view. Don’t buy them, tough.

  11. @uncle jesse, may I remind you that the the property isn’t zoned for 5 stories?
    Your dismissing of affected property owners vis-a-vis this request for rezoning could be taken to the conclusion that we should just throw out zoning all together because a property owner has automatic rights beyond the zoning under which that property was acquired. Well, last I checked, they didn’t. They have to make their case and work with adjacent properties in good faith; something that they have started but have yet to provide any details.
    As a property owner at the Paramount who isn’t personally affected by this potential project, I can tell you that I’d welcome a boutique hotel as my neighbor and I’d even support a variance under the right circumstances but none of that has been ironed out or come to a place where enough information is even available to make a decision. I’m not foolish enough to just give a developer a blank check out of the kindness of my heart because he wants me to.
    Note that the Paramount individual homeowners weren’t even notified per the law of the public meeting regarding the non-urban model McDonald’s it got stuck with across the street. It hasn’t been told anything about the building going up behind the McDonald’s and directly across from the Paramount’s lobby. The developer won’t even give the residents the courtesy to even tell us what’s happening because, I suppose, they aren’t required to do so. I’ve written and received “crickets” in return. That’s all fine and dandy because that’s what our new code gives us. So, now the Paramount owners are just supposed to bend over and take it because someone wants a variance on land they likely purchased for a land value price based on 3 floors instead of 5? …right

  12. Stadium proposed at Peace and Salisbury…adjacent to Halifax Mall!

    So long Archdale Building…hello water feature!!

  13. Their presentation is really good so far! I can’t believe they picked that location, I don’t think anyone expected that!

  14. That’s a great choice for a stadium. I hope they rip everything out between Capital and Salisbury and build a new neighborhood.

  15. I like that choice but I can’t see the city going for that. That would include the demolition of two major government buildings including the Archdale building and rerouting Salisbury Street. I like the idea but don’t feel good about the chances of that happening.

  16. This just totally blows my socks off!!!

    Can they really convince the state to support this plan? The idea of a private/public partnership was certainly bandied about during the McCrory era as a way to revitalize the area but a plan going so far as to take the Archdale building down? I’m speechless!

    Kane Reality adds a lot of legitimacy to this proposal. I’m super excited to learn more. Hope to see everyone at the rally at 5pm!

  17. Yes, the people in the North Side of the Paramount are worried about their view blocked by the boutique hotel on Peace.

  18. The Kane connection cannot be understated. Not only is he a legit developer, he’s also a major Republican fundraiser. I believe Malik is a Democrat. So between the two, I think they’ve got some pull with state officials.

  19. I will say….. I have a strong, strange affinity for the Archdale building and would actually hate to see it go…. .BUT…. I think it’d be worth it to get rid of all the other GARBAGE this proposed stadium site would remove (endless parking deck, empty/UGLY gov’t buildings, etc). I’d dig it. I think it’d be a HUGE uphill battle with the state, though…. but I also can’t see them completely shutting it down, considering how immensely this would transform not only that sleepy area of downtown, but the entire city as a whole. I dig it. Even if it means tearing down my favorite so-ugly-it’s-charming concrete-PlayStation2-look-alike building.

  20. @jake LOL at the “playstation 2” building. So true! I think that everytime i pass it. It would be worth it to have down for this bad boy though!

  21. Justin, I too have been saying to friends that the Kane/GOP connection is a major bridge to seeing this plan actually happen. DEQ (housed in the Archdale Building partly) is undergoing another less publicized major downsizing that was passed as part of 2013 legislation.

  22. ‘charlotte usa’ legislators are now whining about Raleigh’s bid. Someone should remind them they are the morons who caused the HB2 nonsense in the first place. you think the GOP gives a @@@@ about charlotte now?

  23. @uncle jesse. They should be reminded that they gave us McCrory and his knee jerk, non-leadership, panic response to a big bag of nothing-burgers.

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