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Revisn hotel under construction. June 2018.

What we’ve been calling Boylan Flats turns out to be an extended-stay hotel on Boylan Avenue and they appear to be getting close to looking like they will open. Called Revisn, the hotel offers fully furnished residential units for stays longer than 30 days.

I’m not sure Revisn helps with the hotel room needs directly but it’s certainly interesting that we may have a market for long-term stays in Raleigh. 30 days in a traditional hotel room gets old fast, I’m sure.

Pic of the Week

Boylan Flats under construction. March 2018.

Here’s the latest update on Boylan Flats. The project is still kind of a mystery with no confirmed report of what this 48-unit building will be. The strongest rumor is it is an extended-stay hotel.

That could be the case as there will only be 37 parking spaces, according to the site plan, which is below the residential requirement but above the hotel requirement.

I also think those northern units with the “out-the-window ordering” feature integrated with the McDonald’s drive-thru would not appeal to future condo owners.

We’ll wait and see.

[UPDATE: Mystery solved.]

Pic of the Week

Boylan Flats construction site, November 2017

The construction site at Boylan Flats is really moving now. The 48-unit apartment building on the 600 block of North Boylan will most likely finish sometime next year.

I wonder if those south facing units may one-day be just a few feet away from a future development on the corner of Boylan and Johnson. That may just be a risk when building a narrow development mid-block with interior windows I guess.

Pic of the Week

Construction site of Boylan Flats on Boylan Avenue

Dirt is moving at the site of Boylan Flats, the five-story, 48-unit residential building along Boylan Avenue. (615 N Boylan) From what I’ve seen out there, this development is quieter than most with no released real estate info at this point in time. (and no approval drama either)

It’ll be interesting to see the layout of the building as this five-story building sits on a 0.23 acre site. Nearby, a developer wants to put a five-story boutique hotel on a 0.36 acre site which could fit nicely given that hotels have a two-to-one hotel room to parking ratio requirement.

Five stories may not sound so bad in this area of town.

Boylan Flats Plans 48 Apartments on Boylan Avenue

Future site of Boylan Flats

Future site of Boylan Flats

Site plans for Boylan Flats were submitted (SR-066-16) to the city recently, a new development consisting of 48 apartments at 615 North Boylan Avenue. This is the surface parking lot directly behind the McDonald’s that faces Peace Street and The Paramount across Boylan Avenue. Rather than a 200+ unit, multi-property building that we typically see, the footprint of Boylan Flats is much smaller. (0.233 acres)

Site Location

Site location. Click for larger

According to the site plan, the new building will be five-stories tall at 72 feet. Parking will be on the ground floor with a gated entrance and lobby facing Boylan. The plan also mentions a 1,025 square foot rooftop open space.

Per the planning process, the sidewalks will be completely redone, 14′ feet wide, and bike racks will also be included with the parking spaces. No renderings are this point and with any site review like this ones, details may change.

We’ll follow this one for sure cause if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, I love anything that removes surface parking.

Site Location

Site layout (proposed). Click for larger