Oaks and Spokes Trying to Bring Community Funded Cycle Track to West Street

Rendering of a cycle track

I stumbled on this Oaks and Spokes project recently and just had to share it. They want to lay down a temporary cycle track along West Street as part of a “6 month pilot to showcase a new type of bikeway and get feedback.”

The project is taking donations from the public and there is a $20,000 project goal. The temporary cycle track will link Glenwood South and the Warehouse District.

West Street would make a great north/south biking street as it’ll be a major connector to Peace Street and north/northwest of downtown all the way to Union Station and parts south. (perhaps one day going all the way to Dix) Jump back to this March 2016 post about all the activity taking place on North West Street.

See more on the project page and support Oaks and Spokes if you can.

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  1. Awesome idea, I foresee this becoming one of the major pieces to the puzzle connecting downtown with the greenway. Especially considering the planned park towards the end of West St. on Peace and Capital.

  2. The new downtown plan already shows something like this connecting Devereaux Meadows and Dix. I agree, the infrastructure itself is needed all over town and this particular stretch is among the highest priorities because it would link the parks.

  3. SOLD!! Carolina Hurricanes sold for $500 Million, WRAL, SBNation, Yahoo Sports are reporting. Team to remain in Raleigh. I want to see how long the team ‘MUST” remain in the City before I’m comfortable with this turn of events. Guy is not ‘local’ like we would have hoped but he is an East Coast guy and a hockey guy. Greenberg also owned the Texas Rangers for a period of time.

  4. Wow! $500 million…I would think that there are those among us who would know if this is actually a good sale price? Sounds like a lot to me but I really have no idea who benefits the most?

  5. Wow-Wee!! Peter Karmonos and company paid only $47.5 million to relocate the Hartford Whalers to Raleigh in 1997. Not a bad return on investment … not a bad return at all!

  6. According to the meeting agenda I’ve seen MLS dignitaries arriving July 19th are to receive a tour of potential stadium sites. Hopefully the news many of us have so patiently been waiting for will soon be announced!

  7. Everyone one of us on this site, who care about the growth of downtown should attend this rally next week. This has nothing to do with whether you like soccer or not. This is about downtown development and a new stadium will jumpstart the hotels, office buildings, etc we all want to see. Raleigh is the only city of any size in North Carolina without a downtown sports stadium….which is baffling on so many levels.

  8. @uncle jesse, completely agree. From what I’ve heard, everyone will be excited with what Steve Malik and team are presenting.

    However, for it to become a reality, people need to show up and show support. This is one of the few things we can control in the process.

  9. Exactly where downtown and at what time?
    And I personally have to have as much advance notice as possible if I am to get off work.
    These are very important questions if you expect people to show up in support…

  10. If you guys with better memories than me would kindly post a reminder here on the 19th, I’ll be sure to be at the rally (I live and work downtown so easy enough to get there)

  11. I’m excited about the West Street cycle track. Let’s support it and share this information to our networks.

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