Oaks and Spokes Trying to Bring Community Funded Cycle Track to West Street

Rendering of a cycle track

I stumbled on this Oaks and Spokes project recently and just had to share it. They want to lay down a temporary cycle track along West Street as part of a “6 month pilot to showcase a new type of bikeway and get feedback.”

The project is taking donations from the public and there is a $20,000 project goal. The temporary cycle track will link Glenwood South and the Warehouse District.

West Street would make a great north/south biking street as it’ll be a major connector to Peace Street and north/northwest of downtown all the way to Union Station and parts south. (perhaps one day going all the way to Dix) Jump back to this March 2016 post about all the activity taking place on North West Street.

See more on the project page and support Oaks and Spokes if you can.