Spring 2012 Restaurant Roundup

Oro restaurant in Downtown Raleigh

Summer isn’t quite here yet so keep enjoying the fabulous weather we’re having before the heat arrives. While you’re out exploring, a few new eats are in the works as well as some upcoming ones that continue to test our patience. Ever since the winter update, there hasn’t been as much movement on the eats list as some of the past seasons.

You can still find new places to eat on the ever growing Eats list though. Here’s the latest tips and openings to look forward to:

  • Oro has opened this past weekend and the tapas menu looks very tempting. They are located in the PNC Plaza building at the corner of Martin and Wilmington Street. (photo above)
  • With the Nature Research Center opening in April, the Daily Planet Cafe on Jones Street is open with the museum’s hours. It may not be for a night out but with local ingredients and beer, it could make for a solid lunch.
  • Blue Mango in Glenwood South has opened in the 222 building.
  • The Raleigh Times is expanding, adding more seats and a rooftop area.
  • A Laotian restaurant, Bida Manda, is planned to open at the former location of Fai Thai on Blount Street.
  • Zinda, the Pan-Asian restaurant coming to the PNC building, is still covered up and waiting to open. According to their Twitter, they are now hiring:


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  1. Hope everything is still going good at Eschelon. It looked like they closed Dapper recently?

  2. ^”We are announcing that Dapper Style House will be temporarily closing. April 7th, 2012 will be our last day on W. Morgan Street and we will be reopening in a new location at a later date. We want to thank our current clientele for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you at the new location!”

    I think dapper is moving elsewhere. I think it was just an issue with their lease negotiations.

  3. ^^^
    Aww I had the most fun at Dapper during the Raleigh Typhoon scavenger hunt. They were very accommodating of my degenerate friends.

    Fun commentary on the twitterz: @Squirrelchat

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